Paratha, Curd, Beans,Cheese – Lunch Box Ideas 2

Hello Moms,

It’s literally burning out here and my girl wasn’t feeling too well so she skipped school almost whole week.The two days which she attended the school I sent following things to her. Everything is pretty simple and needs only a little assembling.We always keep wondering what to send to the child where most of the things are already available at  home only:)

Lunch Box Ideas – Cheese Slice, Veggie Paratha And Fruit Yoghurt:-

1)Cheese Slice – My daughter likes cheese although it came back as it is. I guess someone tried to open it but the helper didn’t know how to so she kept it back.

2)Veggie paratha – I make veggie parathas by mixing Indian cheese(paneer)+boiled vegetables and wheat flour.Make a dough of it and make round balls out of the dough.With the help of a belan (roller pin ) make small round parathas.Put around 1tsp. of oil on the skillet and place the round paratha on it. Cook from both the sides.

3)Fruit yoghurt is kids’ favourite in summers although my daughter is not a big fan .Hopefully when I will keep sending her in the lunch box she might start liking it .You get these in Motherdairy and Big Bazaar easily here or any shop which keeps milk and milk products.

2) Lunch Box Idea – Banana, Beans  & Boiled eggs

1) The day I boil rajma(kidney beans) I just boil them with some salt and give her without any seasoning.I keep them dry to avoid any mess.Next day I use the same kidney beans for cutlets .Cutlet recipe will be up soon

2) Banana

3) One boiled egg which is chopped into pieces with salt and black pepper over it.

With beans and boiled egg it turns out to be a quite a protein filled lunch box which is always my priority

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