Pigeon Baby Wash Review

Pigeon Baby Wash Review

Baby skin is really soft & tender and more prone to infections due to changes in climate, dust & pollution. For this we definitely need a cleanser which is not only gentle on the baby’s skin but also keeps it moisturized enough as per their skin texture.

Today I am reviewing a gentle baby wash which is a 2-in 1 product that can be used for baby’s hair & body both!


About Pigeon Baby Wash-

Key Features

  • Beautifully Fragranced Formula
  • Rich, Bubbly Lather
  • Suitable for Infants with Sensitive Skin
  • Reduces Water Loss From the Skin

Infants have very delicate and fragile skin and this has to be nurtured with utmost care. The natural skincare range from Pigeon has been specially formulated with extracts of Jojoba and Chamomile to provide the best results to the baby’s skin. TheBaby Wash 2 in 1 from Pigeon is mild and gentle on baby’s soft and tender skin. Jojoba is a well-known moisturizer that is non-greasy and that which reduces water loss from the skin once it is applied to the skin. The Baby Wash from Pigeon is also good for the baby’s scalp as Jojoba has the properties to cleanse the skin and scalp of dirt and grime. Chamomile has properties that help in relaxing and soothing the little one’s skin.

This Baby Wash from Pigeon that is both a shampoo and soap leaves your baby’s skin and hair smelling sweet after it cleanses them softly. You can pour adequate amount of the Baby Wash 2 in 1 into a sponge and lather it up on your bundle of joy’s body and hair. Rinse it off completely to let your baby feel refreshed. This hypoallergenic Pigeon Baby Wash is suitable for infants with sensitive skin as well.

Price- INR 790 for 700ml

Key Composition-  Chamomile, Jojoba Fruit Extracts

Product Color & Texture-

This baby wash is transparent an has a gel based consistency. The product is not very runny so it is easy to use it with a baby.


This baby wash comes in a white slender bottle packaging along with a pum dispenser to take out the product easily without any mess.


My Experience with Pigeon Baby Wash-

This baby wash is an average wash for babies. The gel based texture is good to use. It really works well to cleanse the baby skin effectively without drying them. However, my personal experience with this body & hair wash is not up to the mark when I talk about cleansing baby scalp effectively. Truly speaking , I am not that happy with the results.

Sometimes, I have used it too and like it. The fragrance is very milky and sweet as that of a baby!

Pigeon products are a known name in Baby care range of products so if you love pigeon products  you can try this baby wash but only for the body as it doesn’t work well for the baby scalp according to my experience.

Other than that I really find this baby wash useful as it is gentle, moisturizing, lathers easily, has sweet fragrance & one bottle lasts easily for 5 months.

What I like about Pigeon Baby Wash

  • Gel based transparent wash
  • Lathers easily
  • Sweet milky fragrance
  • Gentle & moisturizing
  • Lasts long

What I don’t like about Pigeon Baby Wash-

  •  Not effective on the baby scalp so much

Product Rating-3.5/5

Have you tried Pigeon Baby Wash?


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