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Pigeon Baby Wipes


About Pigeon Baby Wipes:

Constant changing of nappies tends to make the skin of your baby itchy and rough. Using a normal cloth to wipe your baby is just not good enough. That is why the Pigeon baby Wipes are so perfect for your child. They contain organic extracts from chamomile and rosehip. The Rosehip extracts contains derivative of vitamin A, natural tretinoin and rich vitamin C that effectively helps to moisturize delicate baby skin. They contain the soothing properties of chamomile extracts helps to calm skin. So you can now be sure that your baby’s skin is never irritable or itchy again. This will keep your child happy and content and it will also keep you stress free as well.



Key Features:

  • 80 fresh baby wipes
  • So gentle and moisturizing, it can be used daily on any part of the skin, even on face.
  • Pigeon wipes are microbiologically tested to encourage superior hygiene and quality.
  • Contains chamomile to sooth a baby’s skin.
  • Wipes are hygienic to use.
  • Wipes are made of superior quality material.
  • Wipes can be used on the face as well.



Suitable for Age – 0 months +

Care & Warnings – For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. Do not flush wipes. Keep out of reach of children

Price: Rs.150 for 80 pieces



My view about Pigeon Baby Wipes:

Pigeon Baby Wipes comes in a red and white plastic pack. The wipes are not very moisturising for the baby’s Delicate Skin. This claims to be soothing, but doesn’t seem so. It is Microbiologically Tested and helps to prevent ant Skin Irritation. This claims to be organic and natural products to keep protecting infant’s skin from any harm. The wipes are infused of Chamomile and Rosehip that is useful to keep your infant’s skin very moisturized and soft. Pigeon Baby Wipe is used to clean the baby’s skin after the diaper change, but requires 6-7 of them to clean a single diaper change.



Rosehip in Pigeon Baby Wipe is full of Vitamins like A, C, E and Beta carotene which prevents skin irritations and adds hydration to the baby’s delicate skin. This doesn’t seem to relax or soothe with its Chamomile extracts to the irritated skin as claimed. Pigeon Baby Wipe is alcohol free and fragrance free.  They are also USDA-NOP Certified (I don’t know what this is) and microbiologically tested that ensures that they have no traces of the bacteria or fungi. This has purified water based formula that is mild on the little baby’s skin while cleansing. This is not that moisturizing to the baby’s bottom. The cloth is embossed as claimed, but is not very soft and easy to clean the sensitive skin. This also includes Organic extract of Rosehip with Purified Water as the base of formulation. The pack seal is Easy to use and pops-up when pulled, but the sealing tends to fade it time.

I have never used Pigeon Baby Wipe on my baby’s face as they are not that moisturising. The fragrance is typical hospital types that are dislike.



What I like about Pigeon Baby Wipes:

  • Dermatologist tested
  • Alcohol free
  • Safe to use
  • Doesn’t cause any allergy
  • Ok fabric
  • Cleanses the baby’s skin
  • Budget friendly
  • Travel friendly
  • Suitable for new born babies.

What I dont like about Pigeon Baby Wipes:

  • re-sealable cover tends to face with time
  • doesn’t moisturizes baby’s skin
  • bad hospital type fragrance
  • not properly moistened
  • requires 6-7 for single diaper change

Rating: 2/5

Do I recommend Pigeon Baby Wipe?

No, this is defiantly useful for cleaning in a good budget, but the quantity required is more that compared to the other brand wipes. Also they are not moisturising and bad in fragrance.

Have you tried Pigeon Baby Wipes?

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