Pigeon Cooling Teether Duck (Orange) Review

Pigeon as a brand seems to be amazing when it comes to baby products. Worth the price and affordable too. This post is about a teether from Pigeon brand. There are varieties of teethers to choose.


Safety Features  –              Filled with Safe Certified Sterilized Water

Other Features   –              Stimulates Development of Babies Mouth and Fingers, Ideal Shape for Baby to Chew and Grasp, Wide Handle, Soothes Gums.

Price: Rs.170

My experience with Pigeon Teether:

Teether is one wonder product that you can buy to help your growing baby. When the teeth are ready to erupt, babies are usually cranky about everything. Teethers come very handy for a couple of months. There are some teethers that are combined with rattlers.


I purchased the one in the form of a duck in bright orange color. The whole structure is filled with water, brand claims sterilized water. It has a handle for holding. On the surface of the duck-teether there are few lines and dots to form some structure to help the irritating gums of the baby. The water in the teether forms a soft surface for chewing. Baby learns the art of holding things and controlling the hand movement. The handle in the teether helps holding and shaking it like a rattler.


Teethers are not to be sterilized. Every time before the baby begins to handle the teether, it is to be washed in warm water. Teethers are a good purchase for every teething baby.


Rating: 4/5

What I like about Pigeon Cooling Teether – Duck (Orange):-

  •  Very bright color.
  • Filled with water to make it chewable.
  • Wide handle for holding.
  • Few lines and dos to help the irritating gums of the baby.
  • Washable.
  • Acts like a mini rattler, water makes a slight sound when the teether shakes.


What I do not like about Pigeon Cooling Teether – Duck (Orange):-

  •  There is nothing I do not like.


Have you tried Pigeon Cooling Teether Duck (Orange)?

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