Positive Effect Of Music On Babies

Positive Effect Of Music On Babies

As moms all of us have created and sung lullaby to soothe our fussy babies and as parents we know that shakers quickly become babies’ favorite toys. What we don’t realize  is that these are the basic musical foundations which change the infant’s brain in various ways. These simple activities benefit children throughout their lives. Research proves that the foundation of music can be made in the womb only. Here I can vouch for this fact seeing my personal experience. When I was pregnant I wanted my kids to be music lovers like me and my father (a renowned sitarist of Himachal Pradesh). I ensured that my both the babies develop a fine ear for music while in the womb only. I used to sing a lot to the unborn babies , and of course listen to a lot of classical music too. Today very proudly I can say that both my children create beautiful music, write lyrics and had been doing so since a very young age. I bought them key board and without any one teaching them they played on. Both have great voice too. Music can be taught to

kids in womb and I know it. This is in other words called “Mozart Effect” too.  In recent years, we’ve learned a lot about how the brain develops. Babies are born with billions of brain cells. During the first years of life, those brain cells connect with other brain cells and become stronger.

What research says about music for babies :

  • Infants at seven months could discriminate timbre and melody and could recognize a melody when played on a single instrument.
  • Singing is an ideal way to foster language development, and the exploration of words and rhymes through a familiar tune enhances memory.
  • An infant’s brain is not fully developed at birth, and he needs sensory input for the cells to build and connect. Music provides an auditory means of stimulation that can also carry educational concepts, such as language, which will develop as an infant obtains cognitive skills.
  • Research has also proved that those children who grow up listening to music develop strong music related connections and learning to play an instrument has even longer effect on certain thinking skills.
  • They say music changes and affects our way of thinking and has a deep impact on human emotions.

Won’t we all want our children to be mentally and emotionally strong along with them being physically fit ?

What can the parents do?

The first three years of a child’s life are the most crucial for brain development and as parents we can help nurture children’s love of music beginning in infancy. This is how it can be done:

  • Play music for your baby.

Expose your baby to many different musical selections of various styles. If you play an instrument, practice when your baby is nearby but don’t forget to keep the volume moderate. Loud music can damage a baby’s hearing.

  • Sing to your baby.

Hearing your voice helps your baby begin to learn language. Babies love the rhythms of songs. And even young babies can recognize specific


melodies once they’ve heard them

  • Sing with your child.

As children grow, they enjoy singing with you. And setting words to music actually helps the brain learn them more quickly and retain them longer. That’s why we remember the lyrics of songs we sang as children, even if we haven’t heard them in years.

  • Start music lessons early.

If you want your child to learn an instrument, you don’t need to wait until elementary school to begin lessons. Young children’s developing brains are equipped to learn music. Most four- and five-year-olds enjoy making music and can learn the basics of some instruments. And starting lessons early helps children build a lifelong love of music.

  • Encourage your child’s school to teach music.

Singing helps stimulate the brain, at least briefly. Over time, music education as a part of school can help build skills such as coordination and creativity. And learning music helps your child become a well-rounded person. So as parents I personally feel that we must initiate our kids in the field of music … it can be singing , dancing, playing any instrument. Music makes a human being better person. As parents do we look for any thing better than that?

Do you feel there are positive effects of music on babies?

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