Pregnancy After 50s


Pregnancy After 50s


Do you know about pregnancy after 50? Normally at the age of 50 every women become grandmother but it is very surprised to know that some of the women’s getting pregnant at this age. Many people think that women were extremely wall off as well as extremely motivated. I think most of you not know about that and therefore in this article we are giving information about pregnancy after 50s.

The normal age of women becoming mothers has increased in some countries in last 20 years but only a few women have even arrived maternity in their 60s. By inserting embryos shaped by in-vitro insemination using egg cells gave by younger women and by this a women who have passed menopause can achieve pregnancy and give birth. If pregnancy occurs at 50s then there are similar rates of problems observed such as gestational diabetes as well as preterm labor, as compared to women below age 42 who became pregnant after getting donated eggs.



Risk of pregnancy at older stage:

  • If you are conceived at an older stage then there are many risks with age in the pregnancy.
  • In women over 50, gestational diabetes is double as common, as well as the hazard for high blood pressure and placental problems, like placenta previa that is a disorder in which the placenta cover up the cervix and all these problems increases.
  • There is 50 % chances of caesarian-section in a woman over 50 is greatly higher than the national average. This is because the uterus not works as professionally to push the baby out.
  • In some older women ectopic pregnancy also seen. In this type of pregnancy an embryo embeds external of the uterus, which is life threatening.
  • As you become older then pregnancy also becomes harder on your body as you age. It is very difficult for old women recover the shape as well as babies weight because a woman is capable to keep her pregnancy well.
  • In pregnancy over 50 there are 50 percent chances of miscarriage as compare to pregnant women of age 30s is 20 %. In the age 40 to 45 the miscarriage rate is 33 %.

Effect of older age on baby:

  • Older age pregnancy is very risky as well as dangerous for the baby. In older mother the babies have wide chances for Down’s syndrome.
  • In some babies chromosomal abnormalities are also observed and because of that only donor eggs are used in this pregnancy. Many celebrities are the best example that uses donor egg for having children.
  • There is also having many chances in mature women that the death of a fetus as well as prematurity. Therefore it is very significant to talk over genetic testing with your gynecologist.

Benefit of having baby after 50s:

  • One thing is more is more important which psychological health matters are. In their past life they spend lot of time to focus on their carrier and earning money. Now, they feel relaxed and ready to conceive a child.
  • Many older women have thought that they are able to save up a sizable nest egg.

It is very necessary to take proper care during pregnancy as well as maintain a normal weight before achieving pregnancy. Consume organic foods as well as working stress management is very helpful for pregnancy.

In all we are saying that women aged 50 to 63, all are at postmenopausal, exposed an enlarged number of difficulties, but if you want then handle you have to handle by d by close monitoring and quality healthcare.

So, these are the all information about pregnancy after 50s and I hope you find it informative as well as interesting. Be happy!

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