Pregnancy Myths And Facts

The moment you get pregnant every body has one myth or the other to warn you of.  Some women ignore it and some tend to follow them.  We get carried away by myths because we don’t want anything to go wrong with the child.  In India it gets too much to handle and has to draw a line.  I am saying this because some times it just tires you out.

Below are some of the myths that I was made aware of.  Some I followed and some I didn’t.

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Effects of solar eclipse during pregnancy :-

I was not aware about the lunar eclipse taking place and went out for lunch.  Suddenly my mom called me and asked me to come home before the actual even was to occur. I tried to reach home as soon as I could but I was late and I saw the eclipse.  It is also believed that using a cutting tool like a knife or a pair of scissors during an eclipse causes various birth deformations such as cleft lips. I was worrried and immediately called my doctor.  As per her it is a myth.  She told me that there is such a big layer over the baby that the solar rays cannot reach the baby and now that the baby is out thankfully my baby has no deformations .


Spicy food induces labour –

Sorry !  It doesn’t work dear.  I had the spciest food but I still didnt get natural labour pains.


Stretch marks during pregnancy :-

I started using creams before my second trimester but stretch marks are something which one has to accept.  Very few lucky ones get very miniscule marks.  When I was pregnant I thought I wouldn’t get stretch marks but when the baby born reality struck me and I was left with a tummy full of stretch marks.  They are are getting lighter day by day and I still continue to use my stretch marks cream


It’s A Boy or a Girl –

Morning sicknesss and the lower position of the baby in the womb can determine the sex of the child and in this case it point to a male child.


How much should we eat

Double your food intake because you are eating for two – I asked my doctor about it and as per her dietary advice the quantity definitely increases but that does not mean a woman should eat for two. What is needed is a well balanced diet full of nutririon  and small meals every two hours rather than bulky and high calorie meals.


Eating desi ghee during pregnancy –

In my nine month my relatives told me to have lots of ghee to ensure a normal delivery.  Those who are following the blog know that I did everything possible thing including mopping the floor, walking for two hours every day but I still underwent a C-section.  No one can predict what kind of delivery you are going to have.  Not even the  doctors.  Ghee only increases the body weight and for those who have high blood pressure well, then even the doctor will tell you to refrain from ghee.


Sleeping on the back during pregnancy

This was difficult for me as I am used to sleeping on my back and during the pregnancy I used to feel better when I slept on my side.  Doctors recommend sleeping on the left side as this increases the blood flow to the uterus and placenta.


Use of internet during pregnancy

If you are online most of the time, your baby will not develop – I am a good example of this myth. I was blogging 12 hrs daily and by the grace of God my baby has no development problem whatsoever.

 These are some of the pregnancy myths I know of.  Do you know any ?


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