Pregnancy Preconception Checklist

 Preconception Checklist 

I know , I know! This is a baby blog. But, how does one maximize their chances of making a baby.. This a hitherto untouched topic on this blog and I thought let me add my two cents on what is right and wrong during the preconception stage.

Get your blood work done:

With today’s modern lifestyle there are a host of diseases which most of us are not even aware of? Get your PCOS profiling,Rubella Antigen test and a general screening of any thyroid, hormonal imbalance and a Complete Blood Count done.Rubella Antigen is important these days as I do know someone who was forced to abort her baby as a rubella virus /antigen was detected in her pregnancy and it would be very harmful to the baby.

Start eating healthy :

Means no junk,lots of fruits and veggies and protein.When you are trying for a baby,you must prepare your body with the correct nutrients . Also ,cut down on alcohol or even better give it up for a while as you may never know when you conceive and it can seriously harm the baby. Obviously smoking is a strict no no.

Folic Acid:

Folic Acid is the one pre natal vitamin that you must have even when you are trying to conceive. Folic acid helps in neural tube development and the body needs a good store of the vitamin right from the starts. Lack of folic acid can lead to neural tube defect which can lead to diseases like spinal bifida in the foetus.You can read more about Neural Tube Defects here. Also, cut down on caffeine as caffeine hinders the absorption of Folic Acid

Now for the fun part :-P.

Get intimate more often with your husband! It is a no brainer. Jokes apart- use one of the numerous apps to track your menstrual cycle available online to know when will probably ovulate. These apps like Iperiod for Iphone are a lifesaver for someone like me who has irregular cycles. However there are a multitude of apps available and you can choose one that suits you.

Usually ovulation begins from the 12 the day of your menstrual cycle. However, according to docs (my sis is expecting and this is what her doc told her when she was trying) the best way is to monitor your vaginal discharge. An egg white consistency in the discharge means it is time to get the love on baby!!

The no brainier tip is just making love more often! You may never know when it clicks for you.

Never pressurize your partner when trying. You don’t want intimacy to become a chore .Some things are best left to God and this is one of them. However, if you have been trying for more than 6 months without success, it won’t hurt to meet a doctor and get some medical advice. It may be something as simple as late ovulation or something more serious.

The point I am trying to make here is that its best to consult a doc when you are trying to conceive!

Stop turning to Google Baba for everything. The smallest symptom can feel huge when you have been trying for a while. There is a tone of sad stories out there and it will just stress you out more. Stress is something you don’t want at this time!

Do you want to add something in the pregnancy preconception checklist:-

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