Pregnancy Symptoms No One Talks About


In the regular movies we see, the first clue that the woman is pregnant is when she darts out of her bed, clutching her stomach and runs for the bathroom. But there are many lesser known pregnancy symptoms that rival morning sickness- which not just strikes only in the morning hours

There are various symptoms one goes through whole day while she is pregnant. There might be lot of surprises coming your way when you conceive. Here are some symptoms which most won’t know about



“All Day” sickness

Morning sickness is the best known early symptoms of pregnancy but one doesn’t know that this sickness is not just confined to the morning hours but can happen at any hour of the day. Nausea may be a common problem in the morning because stomach acids built overnight. But most women who get the morning sickness also feel nauseous at other times of the day.

Sickening Scents

Even before nausea kicks in, one might start to develop an extremely heightened sense of smell that might prevent the pregnant woman to go near the kitchen even. The typical smell of spices might drive her literally crazy with nausea


Due to a lot of changes in the body symptom, the body becomes tired. There are changes in blood production, metabolism, heart rate, breathing and most importantly hormones. The sense of getting exhausted can be so intense that one might suffer from lack of concentration. Fatigue generally tend to happen in the first trimester, but might even linger to the later stages for some. Carrying around the extra weight in the womb can tire the woman quite easily. In addition one may have problem while sleeping with that growing belly, which makes it hard to get comfortable on the bed.

Bathroom Breaks

Frequent urination is another early pregnancy symptom. Most expecting moms would know it quite well. The culprit is often the abrupt hormonal changes in the body during that phase. Later during the period, frequent bathroom breaks are caused by enlargement of the uterus and rapidly growing baby which puts pressure on the bladder inside.

Weird Hair growth

Yes, there is hair on your head, but there might be growth of hair on your back, upper lips, chin, legs and nipples. And that is again due to the hormonal imbalance that occurs in the body during pregnancy.

Stuffy Nose

Even when you aren’t crying from the well known pregnancy mood swings, your nose might seem constantly stuffed up.

Dark Patches

If dark spots crop up all over your face, belly nipples, you look like a person who just had an accident, but don’t worry. It is called melasma and these spots will disappear once you give birth or stop breastfeeding.

Gas problems

It happens to every one of us. With that said pregnancy gas is not something which you can avoid. With your body working double- time making lots of hormones like progesterone and relaxin, muscle tissues around the body will start to relax. This causes the food you eat to move through your system slowly and thereby causes a tremendous bloating effect.

Lots of discharge

It is gross but it is the truth. Your body is making lots of estrogens now and causing more blood to flow down your body, which means there will be excess discharge. Do not worry as it is totally normal.

Most women hold the opinion that pregnancy symptoms have all to do with only the TV-Version but pregnancy in the life of any woman is perhaps the biggest adventure and the most joyous fulfilment and beyond the TV Version there are myriad lesser known symptoms which every woman should know before planning her pregnancy.

Did you know about these pregnancy symptons?

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