Priddy Books: Wipe Clean Letters & Numbers Board Books Review

Priddy Books:Wipe Clean Letters & Numbers Board Books

Hello Everyone,

This is my first review of a baby product on Baby Blog. I have been married for 3 and a half years and having the best moments of life. I married quite early so I along with my husband decided to not start a family until I am ready for it. So what I am doing here might be an obvious question!! Well, I am here just for my niece who turned out to be 3 years old and this summer season while I was on a  family trip I observed her involved in these books so I instantly thought of sharing these book reviews with you all. My niece attends a pre-school and because she completed three years this summer,these books were apt for enhancing her learning capability.

About Priddy Books:Wipe Clean Letters & Numbers Board Books

For pre-schoolers Priddy publishes a wide range of books to help your child take their first steps towards the classroom. Wipe-clean interactive learning books feature easy to clean pages so that activities can be done time and time again, as well as improving motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

All Priddy books use simple, eye-catching designs and familiar first words to stimulate your child’s curiosity, encourage their imagination and develop their learning.

  • Perfect for children aged 3 and up.
  • Includes lots of first concept activities such as writing, counting, sorting, color recognition and how to draw.
  • Wipe-clean pages and the high-quality pen allow activities to be done again and again.

Price- 5.99GBP /book (INR 615 approx. each)

Book Measurements

  • 250mm x 250mm x 20mm
    Board Book, Wipe-clean Pen
    28 pages
    0.5400 kg

Shape- These board books are rectangular in shape and the top of the book is given the shape of a handle of a bag as if it is a carry bag. There is a pen enclosed in the board book for the unlimited wiping & cleaning of the alphabets & numbers.

Experience with Priddy Books:Wipe Clean Letters & Numbers Board Books

These are basically board books specifically designed for pre-school kids (2-5 years). The wipe and clean range of books has several other board books as per the age of kids. These board books are colorful which attract the eyes of kids and they show interest in reading these books. The wipe & clean idea is unique in its own way as it gives the liberty to wipe the writings and practice identifying & writing the numbers & letters many times unless the kid understands & remembers those numbers or alphabets perfectly.

There are hints given on each page of the book and many pictures of objects are also made which makes the reading & learning experience easy. The main features of these wipe & clean board books are-

  • Induces the habit of counting objects.
  • The child learns to identify things such as counting doughnuts or cupcakes which look alluring to child’s eyes.
  • The child gets to practice the alphabets & numbers so many times by wipe & clean feature of these board books.

I was clicking pictures of these books for this review when my niece suddenly got interested in these books and started flipping its pages, that is when I captured a few of her images easily :-p.  I think I will make a clever mom in future

What I like about Priddy Books:Wipe Clean Letters & Numbers Board Books

  • Easy to understand for pre-school kids (preferably above 3 years)
  • Catchy images appear interesting to kids
  • Plastic covering makes wiping easy
  • Board book ensures no tearing

What I don’t like about Priddy Books:Wipe Clean Letters & Numbers Board Books

  • Price is a little steep

Rating– 4.5/5

Recommend- Yess…totally! My niece is really good with symbols & alphabets and is a sharp kid as per her pre-school teachers

Have you tried board books for your kid?

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