Pros and Cons Of Using A Pacifier/ Soother (Pacifier Series 2) + Video

Pros and Cons Of using A Pacifier/ Soother (Pacifier Series 2)


I hope you liked our first video of the series that dealt with the dos and don’ts regarding the use of pacifiers.

today I am explaining the pros and cons of using a pacifier. As I mentioned earlier that my daughter is 15 months old and she started using a soother from when she was around 2 months old. I have weaned her away from pacifiers just 2 months ago and I think its the right time to do a series on pacifiers.

Advantages Of Pacifiers

Helps Soothe Your Baby In case You Are Unable to Breastfeed

This is the main reason I purchased a pacifier. Due to some lactation issues, I couldn’t feed my daughter beyond a month. Babies suckle not just when they are hungry but also to feel secure. In absence of breastfeeding, my daughter used to cry like crazy so I had to get a pacifier.

Helps Your Baby Fall Asleep

Whenever my daughter felt irritated, I used to pop the soother in her mouth and she fell asleep quickly.

The Perfect Temporary Distraction

Yes it works great that way. For an example, after vaccination my daughter used to cry a lot but as soon as I gave her the pacifier, she used to become silent.

Research Says that using a Pacifier Reduces The Risk Of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)

I’m not sure how far it is true but I’ve read it. It probably happens due to suckling.

Helpful In Flights during Takeoff and Landing

Soothers are extremely helpful during flights. Even our ears get blocked during these times and evidently same happens to the babies. Not all the babies may be ready to take the breast or bottle so it helps to pop their ears and they feel better.

Comparatively Easy to Wean Off a Pacifier than Fingers

A lot of people say that it is difficult to wean babies off breast and their fingers. It can be because breasts are attached to you and a child may be tempted to feed. Similarly fingers are easily accessible and kids refuse to stop sucking them. You can hide pacifiers and it becomes relatively easy to wean your child.

Disadvantages Of Pacifiers

The Weaning Process is Long and painful

It is a pain to wean kids. It took me around two months. A lot of people said that it will be easier to wean off pacifiers but it is really difficult and takes a long time.

Continuous Sterilization Needed

The child may drop the soother on floor or brush it against the wall. It is something you have to do but its irritating for sure.

Pacifier Is said to lead to Buck Teeth

A lot of people for a long time can cause misalignment of teeth if a child uses it for a long period of time. I’ve seen this happening as well but if a child is weaned off earlier then I dont think it happens.

Parents Become Dependent on Pacifiers

Parents tend to get as addicted to pacifiers as the babies. If I forgot to carry a pacifier with me, I used to panic what I will do if she starts crying. It just creates psychological pressure and whenever my daughter cried, my first thought was to give her the pacifier.

Risk Of Infection

If the pacifier is not sterilized properly or your child makes it dirty without you knowing it. In these cases there is definitely an increased risk of infection.

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