Quick Dry Sheet For Babies Review

I got this quick dry sheet during the last month of my pregnancy and it has become one of my favourite products. It was an impulse purchase. Along with it I also bought the conventional age old rubber sheets, on which, when your baby urinates, it starts flowing or accumulating in the middle like a pool.  These quick dry sheets have a cushion type of cloth on them.  It is not convinient sometimes but that does not deter me from using it.

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These sheets are easy to use and I like them so much that I even refuse to go to next room without them. What makes this product so amazing is that when then child wets herself, the sheet just absorbs all the liquid so the baby doesn’t feel wet and uncomfortable while lying on it. Our little one is something else. She starts crying even before she pees and that indication is my signal to rush and help her.

Unlike old rubber sheets this one is not heavy.  It’s really pretty light weight.  These are also very soft and travel friendly.  If you are wondering how it feels during summer well let me assure you the child does not feel too hot .

 Quick Dry Sheet Price :-

Lowest i found on flipkart where the small size was of INR 135.

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Three Sizes Of Quick Dry Sheets

  • small ones which are of 70×50 cms.

  • medium size – 70×100

  • large size – 140×100

 Below sheets was sent to me by zee .These have detachable plastic sheets underneath it and one can change the cover .

This too is an interesting concept but these are not light weight as the quick dry one.

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What Are The Drawbacks Of Quick Dry Sheets:-

   I got this rubber mat as it was pink but now I just hate using it .Its disgusting to see whole of pee flowing every where.

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Will I recommend it to others? Definitely! It’s a great product that is easy to carry around, its porous, light weight and you won’t have your child’s pee flowing in all directions like with the rubber mat.

 Have you tried Quick Dry Sheets ?

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