Quick Dry Waterproof Sheet Review

Quick Dry Waterproof Sheet

I had to buy this Dry Sheet after the birth of my baby, since I didn’t wanted to use the regular plastic and rubber sheet to protect the bed sheet. Those sheets also cause sweating and are not very soft for the baby’s skin. Thus, I saw this in the baby shop and decided to give it a try. Now let us check if this has proven to be good or bad.


About Quick Dry Waterproof Sheet:

Using a comfortable mat for the baby to sleep on might be a good idea considering you do not have to worry about the baby falling off or trying to get the bed linen to dry.

Multi-layered Fabric This Quick Dry Sleeping Mat is made of good quality fabric with several layers that not only keep the baby comfortable but also is very durable.

Waterproof & Breathable Membrane The mat comes with the ability to keep water out and ensures that the baby does not feel stuffy when he is asleep on it.

Holds 8 Times Its Weight in Water Very sturdy and dependable, the mat is capable of carry heavy loads hence ensuring that your baby is completely safe and sound.

Cozy, Smooth and Silky Making for a sweet, dreamless sleep, the mat is designed to keep your little one cozy.

Lightweight and Durable This mat is lightweight enough to carry around the house and comes in handy even when you are travelling.



Autoclavable upto 25 times Ensuring absolute safety from microbes, the mat can be put through the autoclave sterilization process up to 25 times.

Sizes available in Quick Dry Waterproof Sheet: S, L, XL and XXL.

My views about Quick Dry Waterproof Sheet:

I wanted to try these dry mats first, thus just bought one to give a try. Also I opted for a cobalt blue colour so that if something like medicine falls doesn’t show on the sheet. I got L size, as this will even be useful for my bay when my baby grows a little older; say 5-6 months. But, you can also opt for other sizes as per the requirement.



This comes in a nice stiff plastic cover that is best while you want to carry this for traveling. The price of the sheet is very affordable and doesn’t pinch your pockets. You can let your baby sleep on this without any diapers. Thus, you need not keep your little comes in diapers all the time. This has rubber on one side and soft velvety finish on the other, where your baby sleeps and ensures that their skin is taken care. This absorbs liquid, but not really fast. It can take up to 15 minutes to get dry. Also the upper layer is non plastic/ rubber so the baby’s skin doesn’t remain wet till the time. This can soak up to 8 time’s liquid to its weight. This you can actually feel when you wash it and that dries in a day. This prevents from bacteria and even dust mite.

But, one thing to keep in mind, if you are making your baby wear langot/diaper, you will have to shift the position regularly to keep your baby in dry place. As, the place where the baby pee’s socks wetness and not dries it. Thus, if you put on another diaper; this immediately gets wet due to the socked pee in the mat.

Price: Rs.299



What I like about Quick Dry Waterproof Sheet:

  • Very better than plastic and rubber sheet
  • The texture is very soft.
  • Suitable for all babies.
  • Easy availability in all baby shops.
  • You can get them in various sizes, as per your need.
  • Good packaging
  • Value for price
  • Travel friendly
  • Suitable even for new born baby
  • Doesn’t give irritation
  • protection from bed wetting
  • prevents bacteria and even dust mite
  • allergy proof

What I don’t like about Quick Dry Waterproof Sheet:

  • not suitable if you put on the baby with the diaper

Rating: 3.5/5

Will I repurchase Quick Dry Waterproof Sheet ? This is an OK recommend baby product. As, this is very better than the regular plastic/ rubber sheets. But, wish it could totally dry the wet area.

Have you tried Quick Dry Waterproof Sheet ?

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