Quick Lunch Box Ideas Kids – Volume 2

Quick Lunch Box Ideas Kids – Volume 2

Hi everyone!

Although its a summer break but few of you moms must be sending lunch boxes to the kids in their summer camp.My daughter is not well therefore she is missing on school a lot.Although her school is quite hygienic but still she is catching viruses .I need to develop her immunity .If you know any remedies which can help me develop her immune system then do let me know.

Coming to the lunch box ideas today.I am sorry for the bad quality of the pictures.I  took them from my phone when my camera had gone to repair.You will definitely find better pictures in the coming Lunch Box Ideas series:-

Boiled Eggs+ Half Banana +Boiled Beans:-Lunch Box Ideas

Its surprsing that my toddler’s school doesn’t allow eggs in the school. I got to know this when I sent the lunch .I was wondering won’t it be a better idea if they don’t allow fast food and sugar filled market bought muffins which are of no good.Anyway! rules are rules and they need to be followed.

So a good idea for a protein packed lunch for kids can be boiled eggs with bit of mayo salt and pepper.I keep Rajma boiled and add salt and pepper in it.I don’t prefer curry for the obvious reason that it can mess up my girl’s bag or tiffin-box.A sweet treat of half banana in the end .

I am always excited to open her lunch when she is back  and what I found was only banana was eaten and half beans thats it .But I am going to try it next time again. May be she will have eggs also next time

Besan(gramflour ) roti+cheese slice and Fruit Yogurt:- Quick Lunc Box Ideas:-

This one was a real quick one .I mixed besan and wheat flour.Add some salt and made a paratha of it.Rest is pretty simple.Just cheese slices and fruit yogurt available in the market.

What came back – She had half slice of cheese and half besan and wheat flour paratha .Yogurt came back as it is.

Hope you like my effort of giving you some quick lunch box ideas .Do comment and give feedback

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