Reading Books For Infants And Toddlers

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I took a mini break from baby blog as Wise She kept me occupied but I  was missing it and would like to pen down all the things which I think, have been trying , loving or I am concerned about my daughter.I really did get to know many things while blogging here so would like to continue further.



My baby is more than 4 months old and I can really see her growing up. With each passing week and month I realize that those months are never going to come back. Soon she will start crawling and has already learnt to sit. Now that she is going to enter fifth month she has started setting up her routine.I have an idea when she is going to get up, what she needs and how she reacts to things etc unlike initial months.




The day you get pregnant, every one asks you to read aloud as fetuses can recognize the mother’s voice.After the baby arrives one should read to their new born although the child doesn’t understand a word but it does create interest in the child .

When I initially started reading for Anvika she never paid attention. So it didn’t motivate me to continue with the habit, but now she looks at the picture , tries to tear the pages and stares at the book .This has become kind of her playing activities and I too have started liking it.




I got the story above story books (5 in 1 stories of Krishna & 5 in 1 Heroes from the Mahabharata) because reading Alphabets book was kind of boring especially when the other side response is totally unrelated. Initially I was confused which book I should order and after much of thought we zeroed in on concept stories.I am going to get her color blocks games which will help her in building her vocabulary.

One more thing which can be done to make reading interesting is to vary the pitch of the voice of different characters while reading – this way it helps the child in building up more connection.

Also , reading a few pages is more than enough rather than going through the whole book. I do find it convenient to place my child hooked to T.V. but when she watches T.V. I feel guilty because sooner or later kids are going to find ‘watching T.V.’ as the most interesting thing and if we motivate them too then some where we are going to be responsible for making them a couch potato.

Also, always buy hardbound book as they have heavy duty pages otherwise kids will tore it all before you finish even single page.

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