Rice & Yellow Mung Bean Winter Kichdi for Babies

Rice is the first food for most babies in India. You have heard of Anna-prashana; that is an auspicious day of introducing rice to the baby for the first time. Until that day, rice would never have been given to the baby. This is Indian Hindu tradition.

Many times, when rice is being prepared for babies or even toddlers, it will be over cooked and made mashy like a kichdi. This is to ensure proper swallowing and digestion too. Any additional healthy ingredients would also be added along with the rice while boiling.

Here is one simple method to help you make your baby rice food.



It involves yellow mung bean . This recipe is yet another method to help your baby keep warm in body.


  • Half cup rice.
  • Half cup yellow mung bean.
  • 5 cups of water
  • Salt for taste.
  • For flavouring: Dry roast equal amount of cardamom, clove and cinnamon. Once hot, make powder of all the three spices. You will need 2 pinches of this powder. Store the remaining in air tight container.

Recipe for preparation of baby kichdi:

  • Wash both rice and yellow mung bean under running water.
  • In a thick vessel, place the water for heating.
  • Once the water boils, add rice and yellow mung bean.
  • Lower the flame/heat and allow everything to get cooked.
  • When in half boiled state, add the powder of flavouring spices.
  • Once rice and yellow mung bean are both boiled completely, add salt.
  • Mix well. Serve warm.



The whole preparation will usually take about 20 minutes. The spices flavour is winter specific. You can replace it with anything you prefer. May be jaggery, sugar, sounf powder or any other masala powder of your choice. This recipe is suitable for babies over 10 months.

I serve this rice-yellow mung bean kichdi for my daughter even now at the age of 3.


How do you serve rice for your child?


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