Safe Exercises To Do During Pregnancy

Safe Exercises To Do During Pregnancy

Exercising during pregnancy is often taken not too seriously and most women post pregnancy find it difficult to return to their pre-pregnancy vital stats. The biggest reason behind it is the lack of physical strain during pregnancy. One should be aware that with medical consultation, physical regime of exercising is a must for women. This not only paves way for a swifter delivery but also makes sure that you retain your prior shape.

There is a lot to be gained through these exercises if done regularly. These not only help the mother but also help the baby to develop in the righteous manner. However, all exercises should be done with your gynecologist or fitness expert in loop. Since all exercises are based on heart rate and stamina in the woman, it is necessary to moderate the intensity accordingly.

Making the best use of exercises and physical regime helps us regain our shape well in time and much sooner than others who feel lethargic or do not take the importance of exercising seriously.

There are quite a few interesting exercises that in fact add to your comfort while you are in the most difficult phase of your life.

Exercise 1: Brisk Walking

Walking is the best exercise for a pregnant woman that can be carried on till the last moment of labor. Experts say that brisk walking with regular changes in speed and distance help the pregnant woman in flexing the muscles, moderating the heart rate and keeping best chances of coming back to shape after delivery.

Exercise 2: Cycling

Cycling is considered safe for a pregnant woman. It helps in controlling and boosting the heart rate without any stressing of the joints. Be sure to adjust the cycle as per your needs and continue to keep your doctor in loop about your regime.

Exercise 3: Swimming

Swimming is one of the best relaxing exercises possible that not only flexes your muscles but also gives you a relief. No matter what your belly size is, how tired you are or how you are so unable to do things, if you know how to swim, water will invite you as a fish loves the sea.

There are no weighty issues once you are in water, plus it adds to pleasure that you and the fetus inside you may feel during the entire tenure of 9 months. Do ensure to check with your doctor to permit you to swim.

Exercise 4: Yoga

Light yoga exercises can help you moderate your breathing phenomenon and prepare you for the final delivery time. Yoga is recommended by most practicing doctors to enhance the to-be-mother’s strength and relieves her of back pain or any kind of strenuous pain that she might be facing. It is also considered good for the nervous system.

Exercise 5: Weight training

There are some light and suitable gym exercises that can be fruitful in maintaining the required balance during pregnancy. Light weight training helps in toning the muscles and giving them the necessary strength and resistance to bear the labor pains.

Doing these simple and worthy exercises can add to your comfort when the final time approaches. It is said that child birth is the toughest time for a woman and when we face it, we have to be prepared for it. Exercising is a step in that direction.

What exercises do you suggest during pregnancy?

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