Safety, Cleanliness and Clothing of your Baby

Safety of Children is very important. You have to treat babies with utmost care to prevent their getting injured, prevent diseases and let the baby grow to the fullest of its growth potential. You can follow a few of the ways including the clothing, grooming and safety measures and maintaining cleanliness of the baby. A baby demands and deserves utmost care, attention and affection and it is in the hands of the mother to provide all of them.

Here are a few measures that need to be followed in ensuring the overall safety of the child:

Ensure that the baby is neat and clean with the nails cut properly with sincere and honest care. Wet diapers must be removed and replaced and prior to replacing, clean all the nates and genital organs of the baby. Make sure that there are no fungal infections near or on the genitals and keep them dry to not let any rashes form on the skin. Take care of the scalp too as fungal infections, dermatitis etc. can be prevented by cleaning the scalp in the right way.

Tight clothing often can stand responsible for irritation and rashes and the dress being loose enough to allow air inside will keep the skin of the baby in normal condition. If there are heat burns, remove the source from where the heat originates and apply cold water. Burns must be removed immediately and the wound must be covered with sterile cotton or the baby must be taken to the nearby hospital.

In case of wounds, take clean water, compress and raise the wound and the tourniquet to compress the blood vessels. Then, take some more care in dressing up of the wound with sterile cotton and bandage before going on to consult a doctor. It all depends on the mother and those around the baby who shower love, care and support for the baby to live in peace.

While the baby is taking bath, you must also make sure that the water does not enter the baby’s ears. The clothing as mentioned so many times has to be natural without their being any tight to let the air circulate inside properly.

Just in case, so to speak, if you are not interested in clothing your baby in the right way, you would be better advised to change the clothing of your baby every day and in addition to that, do keep the baby away from those who have several diseases.

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