Shef News Is Here!!!!

Hello everyone!

I was getting mails from baby blog readers asking about Shef updates.I had put it under wrap as she was going to deliver in few days.Wanted to surprise you all with the news .Baby did arrive little early then expected but both  mom and baby are doing fine .Shef had an C section on 30th of December.

Shef who had a difficult time first with a miscarriage and then with a troubled pregnancy at last has been blessed with a cute little

Baby Girl!!! yeyeyeyey!

Mom and baby are doing fine and here wishing Shef all the happiness , strength and lots of love to blessing to the cute  little bundle of joy.Oh Gosh! I can’t even imagine how small she must be

Here are some pictures of Shef Journey for you   There will be a time when little girl will get to read what all mom experienced and shopped for her on baby Wise She blog.


30 Weeks Pregnancy Update

The week went fine. I went to see my doctor and she seemed happy with my weight gain and the general increase in bump size. I was quite anxious before visiting her and this time she seemed less concerned and that made me relaxed .




29th Week Pregnancy Update By Shefali

Just wanted this week to pass quickly as I have my doctor’s appointment next week and wanted to get checked again. Basically I want the doctor to check the tummy and let me know whether baby has grown well since last week or not. I really need to know where the extra food, the protein and extra supplement is going. Not to forget, the extra weight I seem to have put on suddenly.

Now coming to my all-time favourite topic shopping-

I bought 3 diaper bags. Yes, you read it right! 3 




You can follow her journey here

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