Skillofun Capital Alphabet Tray With Picture

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I am back here with a review of another educational tray which I got for my daughter as she is learning new alphabets an all. The importance of these learning toys is that they make the kid understand objects and alphabets with pictorial representation which makes them remember each and everything perfectly.

About Skillofun Capital Alphabet Tray with Picture

Key Features

  • Each Side has Four Cavities of Different Categories – Transport, Animals, Fruits and Shapes
  • Identify Each Object and its Respective Cavity and ‘Post’ it in the Correct Cavity. The Object Must Fall into the Posting Box
  • There are Sixteen Objects – Four per Category
  • This Wooden Toy Helps Beginners get a Solid Experience with Early Learning Concepts – Grip, Placement and Shape

If you are a patriotic citizen who is looking for a tool to teach your child the national language, this toy is meant just for you. Skillofun brings you the Hindi Vowel Tray With Picture to assist your child in learning the Hindi language. The Hindi Vowel tray is manufactured in India and is made out of wood. This Vowel tray is suitable for both boys and girls over the age of 2. The dimensions of this picture Tray are 30 x 22 x 0.8 cm. This Colorful Tray weighs only 310 g and is useful for  growing, learning children.

Price- INR 240.You  may get it from flipkartMy views on Skillofun Capital Alphabet Tray

Somehow English alphabets are much easier to learn and this tray will be more useful for those kids who are aware of the hindi alphabets or hindi alphabets have been introduced to them by their parents.

It is little difficult for my girl to recognize all the Hindi alphabets at this point of time. Her preference is English alphabet tray only most of the times. In my opinion, the right age to get this for your toddlers will be between 3-5 years.

It’s a little difficult to teach Hindi vowels at such a young age.So I guess, this is going back to be kept in my cupboard for at least an year till she turns 3 years of age.

If your child is between 3-5 yrs then this will be a good way to introduce Hindi alphabets

You can check out the Skilofun Capital ABC Alphabet shape tray here 

You can buy from flipkart at discount here

Summin it up

What I like about Skillofun Capital Alphabet Tray With Picture :-

  • No harsh edges to hurt the child
  • Colourful
  • Made of wood
  • Back of the tray also have been utilized for the child to revise.
  • Affordable


What I do not like about Skillofun Capital Alphabet Tray With Picture

  • Quality of the tray could have been better
  • Kids above 2.5 to 5 will enjoy it more


Will I recommend it to others – Yes! It’s a great way of learning hindi alphabets



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