Skillofun Shape Sorter : Teaching Shapes To Toddlers

Skillofun Shape & Size Sorter : Teaching Shapes To Toddlers

Hello Everyone,

Today I am here to share an learning wooden game which I got for my daughter from Skillofun. It is basically a wooden shape and size sorter tray which has nine different shapes or geometrical shapes, to be precise!

I got this leaning game for my daughter online and really liked the unique idea of teaching shapes to toddlers from an early age so that it is easy for them to understand things when they reach a junior class in school.

About Skillofun Shape Sorter

To teach your children different geometric shapes like circle, triangle, square and more, Skillofun presents this colourful learning toy. Skillofun Nine Shape Sorter has pegs on a board along with 3 pieces each of different shapes. Let your little ones start sorting the objects and stack it on the pegs. This puzzle is made of wood and coloured using non-toxic paints to make the learning toy safe for children. This Nine Shape Sorter is suitable for both boys and girls aged between 2 and 4 years and the dimensions of this toy are 22 x 22 x 4 cm with a weight of 780 g. By playing with this wonderful educational toy your children will be able to learn some of the basic colours as well. Let them start learning their preschool lessons before stepping into their school life. Add this exciting learning toy to your kid’s collection at the earliest to reduce their workload in school.

Price- INR 745. I got it for INR 633 on discount at

You can buy here


  • It enhances Color Recognition
  • Easy shape recognition
  • Harmless for toddlers

Packaging- The tray comes just as a wooden base with nine wooden rods placed vertically in which each of the nine shapes are sorted separately. There is no other case or covering for this tray and you need to keep it or store it just like that!

My Experience with Skillofun Shape Sorter : Teaching different shapes to Toddlers

It is a very unique shape sorter which enhances motor ability in kids making them learn and analyze different shapes and their names at a basic learning stage.

It is made of wooden material and goes a long way up to 2 years so that your toddler easily learns the names of these nine different shapes which are needed at the elementary level.

This is really a fun way to make them engaged in a learning activity without getting them bored as they find it interesting to sort the particular shapes and when asked will surely be able to pick up the shapes you are asking them.

Teaching toddlers about these shapes is not an easy task that can be done by pen & paper. It surely requires practical knowledge and this is what this shape sorter does wonderfully.

I have taught these shapes to my toddler daughter daughter and I am really happy that she is able to ecognie the shapes when I ask her to pick a articular shape from the tray.

It is very engaging for the toddlers and more than one kid can easily enjoy sorting different shapes in their respective spaces.

What I like about  Skillofun Shape Sorter ?

  • Very interesting way to teach shapes
  • Enhances motor abilities
  • Improves hand and eye co-ordination
  • Very engaging for toddlers
  • Color recognition
  • Nine different shapes provided

What I don’t like about  Skillofun Shape Sorter?

  • No outer packaging to store properly
  • A little heavy for the toddlers to life (about 800g)
  • Not ideal while travelling!

Rating- 4/5

Will I recommend?-Well, although it comes a little heavy for the kids and has no storage option, I would still like to recommend this to all those mothers of toddler kids to try this wooden learning shape sorter to make it easy for your kids to understand the different shapes and recognize them.

I have added a little video of my toddler as well where she is picking up the right hapes when I ask her to be pick star, circle etc. Do watch it moms!

Have You tried  Skillofun Shape Sorter?

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