Snack Ideas for 1-3 Year Old Child

Snack Ideas for 1-3 Year Old Child

Healthy snacks for kids is something which almost all moms reach out to know so as to give a variety of snacks to their child and also ensure that the food they eat has variations in terms of taste, nutrition and calorific value!

Talking about healthy snacks, here we have some amazing suggestions for snacks for all those children between the age of 1-3 years! This is a quick guide for all the moms who have a toddler child at home! Do have a look!

Cheese Sandwich

 This is a creamy and healthy Paneer Spinach Sandwich which is really a great snack for toddlers in the evening! This sandwich can be easily prepared once the stuffing is ready and it is a great option for toddlers as their evening snacks to keep their tummy filled. The spinach is a very healthy ingredient of this sandwich and the spinach & cheese stuffing makes it a very yummy combination which is liked by the kids.


You can prepare smoothies using any seasonal fruit along with sweet fruits like banana, papaya, strawberry, raspberry  etc. so as to make it tasteful for the children! One of the easily prepared snack ideas is smoothies as you need to just peel or cube the fruit and blend it thoroughly in the blender until the smooth consistency is attained!

Exotic burger

An exotic burger can be easily prepared using the best seasonal salad dressings and cheese which is loved by kids like anything! Cabbage & lettuce leaves make the burger even more appealing and is an ideal snack option for the kids when they are hungry and there a lot of time for dinner!

Fruit Custard

Another sweet snack but definitely nutritious one is a fruit custard. It is also prepared within a matter of few minutes and tends to provide all the essential vitamins and calorie required by the toddlers after a day full of activity! Just get the favorite fruits and chop them together and pour it in the custard mixture! Freeze and thats it!


Another famous Indian snack recipe for the kids is the cutlet. It is actually a deep fried dumpling made with various ingredients like daliya, gram flour, boiled potatoes & peas, bread etc. It can be prepared when you don’t have enough time for anything else and your toddler wants to eat something savory!

Banana Bread

Well this calls for a lot of time for baking and is usually a weekend treat given to the toddlers. Banana bread is healthy and unlike other fruit cake recipes is not too sweet so as to give any excess of sugar to the toddlers. This can be eaten during any time of the day and it also helps in relieving constipation in toddlers!

Chickpea Salad

Another interesting snack recipe which kids between 1-3 years of age love to feast upon is chickpea salad which is easily prepared and hardly uses many ingredients except chopped onions, tomato and flavoring ingredients like black pepper!!

Well, these were some of the snacks which I can recall presently which are great for the kids between 1-3 years of age! Hope you like these recipes as well! Don’t forget to check all the recipes of the snack items mentioned above!

Have you tried making any of these snack recipes for your child?

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