Special Delivery: Zara’s Delivery Experience

Anamika and I discussed a few months back how much fun it would be to pen down our pregnancy and delivery stories for everyone to read. I for one love reading such posts/articles and used to hunt them down when I was pregnant..Some stories were scary, but some were super helpful. Most colleagues and friends don’t quite discuss it for fear of scaring other women but I find these accounts to be really helpful to prepare for when the time comes. So we are starting this new segment called Special Delivery dedicated to bring stories of how our miracles entered this world to you…

So here goes..

I delivered my baby girl, Pravi 6mts back on March 30th, 2013…For those of you who don’t know, I was on bed rest for the whole of my 8th month due to the threat of premature labor in my 7th month. So my joy grew no bounds when I went for a check-up the day my 8th month got over and my gynac asked us to get admitted since I was in labor.

I’d been having labor pains on and off since my 7th month, but by the end of the 8th month the pains were getting uncontrollable by the medication even. I ignored it thinking that since my water hadn’t broken, why worry? But after 3 days of the pain escalating, we went to the gynac (went to her clinic) where we had a scan and an internal check and she pronounced me ready for delivery.

I was to get admitted at the hosp but since my doc was so relaxed, we thought lets have lunch and then go. It was the most funniest lunch of my life where I was hogging happily while my husband was franatically making calls and asking me regularly if I was ok and if I was in any pain..Haha!!

After this, we went home, got our bags and reached the hosp. I also clipped my nails and applied polish to my toes (yes, I did that) wanting my toes to look good since that was possibly the first part of me the baby would see..Crazy but ahh well, Preggy women are entitled to their idiosyncrasies right? I also pinged A and Shwe to tell them along with all my other colleagues (I was THAT excited)

I was admitted at about 6pm and even till 11pm had not dilated further than 3.5cms. What did I do in the interim? I walked, read a Mills & Boons novel (since it requires no thinking; not that I was capable of thinking at the time) and whatsapped and did some breathing exercises. After a discussion with the Gynac, we decided to wait till morning and induce labor if I didn’t dilate further. I was given a pain killer so I could sleep for a bit.

At about 5am, I was woken up and got ready for the showdown. What did I do to get ready? Well, I applied some Garnier BB cream, a liner and a lip balm and was ready to go…I still hadn’t dilated any further nor had my water broken so I was induced at about 7am right after I was given an enema.

Now earlier, my plan had been to have a C-Sec (vehemently refused by my Gynac) or to take as many epidurals as required to have a painless delivery. Having been in partial labor for over a month had left me with no patience for more.

But God had something different in store for me. I was induced at about 7am and at 7.05am the pains suddenly became sharper. I kept asking for an epidural, but my requests were only followed by internal checks and assistant doctors scurrying to and fro as if something were wrong. My Gynac was on her way to the hosp at the time and I remember pleading with the Asst. Doc to pls give me an epidural..My exact words were, ‘Pls pls give me an epidural, I don’t want to scream.’

Let me explain why I said this. The previous evening when I was admitted, there were other 2 women in the check-up room who were screaming like banshees cursing their MILs, Husbands, and yelling at the Docs to just get the baby out of them. These screams can really strike the fear of god into one’s heart and I’d decided then that I would control my screams so that I wouldn’t scare the other ladies when my time came..

I only had my mom with me the room since the patient could be accompanied by only 1 female member until the actual time of delivery. I truly wish my husband could have been there in person but ahh well…I phoned him, kept the phone next to my ear and kept blabbering about how the Docs weren’t giving me an epidural and how he would have to carry the baby the next time (Yes, I was already planning the 2nd one before the first was out) and telling him how much I loved him.

My in-laws had come by that time and my MIL managed to sneak in. It was kinda embarrassing given my state of dress (or rather undress) and that was when my Gynac came in too. She told me my pain had suddenly progressed too fast because of which I couldn’t be given an epidural, checked me, broke my water, asked me to do a sample push and declared I was crowning. This was when I was truly in a delirium and kept telling my Mom and MIL that I wanted my husband.

My breathing exercises were honestly  chants of my husbands name…Damn! that man should be devoted to me cause of this! I got wayyy too Patri-vrata during this period I think. But ladies, the breathing exercises were really helpful. I had read that breathing should be something like 3 sharp inhales and 1 long exhale. What I’m going to reveal is extremely funny so feel free to laugh… Now my hubbies name is Jayant. So my breathing went something like this : Ja-aa-aa-yaaaannnntttt! (3sharp inhales and one long exhale)..

I’m sure everyone must be laughing their heads off by now, but believe me this helped..Take any word and try!

Since it was time to be wheeled to the OT, I had to put down my phone. My hubs told me later that the doctor came out to inform themthat I was being wheeled in. Being scared after hearing my painful whimpers (yes, I maintained the no-cry thngy), he told the doc to do a C-Sec if it was too painful to which the doc said, ‘Not required, just give me 10mins.’ And right she was!

I was wheeled in and was asked to spread my legs as far apart as possible and push. Now my problem is that I can’t spread too much and the assistant doc had to finally hold them apart and I was told to push. That was it…One bloodcurling cry (my hubs tells me he never heard a more horrifying rendition of his name) and 1 mighty push later, my baby was out!..in bang on 10mins!

I was so tired by this time that I felt nothing after that. I remember being shown my smiling baby (yes, she came into this world smiling) who then proceeded to cry the crap out of everyone. I was then stitched up and wheeled back into my room …

I still remember that time and get this smile on my face thinking of how everything happened in a jiffy..Its so ironical..Technically, I was in labor for more than a month and then at the final stage it took just 40 mins from the time I was induced to pop out my angel…No wonder pregnancy and delivery is said to be nothing short of a miracle!

Ladies, pls do share your delivery story too! Write in to us and submit your stories…It’s so much fun to re-live those moments and I guarantee they will bring a smile to your face..

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