Split Yellow Mung Beans Porridge For Babies

Split Yellow Mung Beans Porridge For Babies


Several dals/lentils/beans make a part of our daily food. Our babies adopt what food diet we follow. In India, babies are introduced to a variety of grains even before they would have tasted rice.

One such dal I am involving in the recipe list for babies is split yellow mung beans. You can read the simple kichdi recipe of split yellow mung beans for babies here.

Today’s recipe is a porridge made of mung beans.

This porridge is healthy and packed with proteins. This recipe can be modified with various other cooking ideas. This is fit for babies of age 6 months and above.




  • Half cup yellow split mung beans
  • Two cups water (approximately)
  • Jaggery, you can control the amount of sweetness the way you want.
  • Half cup milk
  • For flavouring (all optional) – roasted cashew, roasted raisins, almond powder, cardamom powder.

Method of preparation:

Take yellow split mung dal in a strainer and wash under cold water. This will remove any residue if present in the dal.

In a thick bottom vessel, heat water. When it boils, lower the flame and add the washed yellow mung dal.

Allow it to cook. Stir frequently. The yellow split beans will be completely cooked in about 20 -25 minutes. Alternatively you can also boil the beans in a pressure cooker.

Adjust the consistency by adding water or milk.

Once the bean is completely cooked and mashy, add some jaggery. Jaggery is a good choice of sweetener since it is a very good source of iron.

Heat for another 10 minutes.

Now add milk, and your choice of flavouring ingredients. I always use only powdered cardamom for flavouring.

You may try various other tastes along with boiled yellow split beans.

Serve porridge to your baby when warm. This porridge is definitely filling for the tiny stomach.

Do you have more recipes to share of yellow split mung bean?

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