Suji (Semolina) Recipe For Babies – 6th Month Baby Food

Last time when I talked about baby first food, I thought of introducing this section on the blog where new moms like us can discuss and share recipes. Gone are the days when baby food meant giving biscuits and only rice and dal to babies. New age moms want to develop healthy eating habits in their kids.

As my  baby is 6 months old, I am presently going to put up recipes which are suitable for babies between four to six month. For a four months old, introducing fruits and veggies is the best rest please ask your doctor as all babies are different.

Below suji (Semolina) recipe I just started recently.As most babies are fond of carrots, its a good way to make her eat semolina .

 This is how I prepared Semolina/Suji mixed with vegetables

  • In a small sauce pan add 1tbp. of butter and when it gets hot add 1tbsp. of semolina in it.
  • Saute semolina until golden brown.
  • Add water to cook suji.
  • Boil/steam grated /mashed carrot or any vegetable which your baby likes in it.
  • Take it out down from the stove and then add formula milk.

  • If you prefer giving cow’s milk to the baby, then you can use that or you can use breast milk as per your preference.

It is said that carrot can be introduced when your baby is six months old. They are easy to digest and are loaded with nutrients such as Vitamin A , Vitamin C and calcium but  before introducing anything CONSULT with your doc. Some doctors recommend carrot at seven months.

Do let me know what are the various ways you introduced carrot in your baby diet

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