Survival Guide For A New Mother

Survival Guide For A New Mother


Whether you are waiting for your soon-to-be-born or have just returned from hospital with your bundle of joy, you are in for a lot of surprises. Whatever you have read or heard about life after a baby can be super-useful for you if you are lucky but there is a high chance that all that will turn out to be trash. The truth is that you and your baby will be your best teacher in coping with life after a baby.


Here are some things that may give you a head start-

Baby Care Basics

You will have to deal with a lot of new things so be prepared. Take advice from other mothers regarding changing, breastfeeding and umbilical cord care etc. Your doctor will give you many essential tips but moms can give you some practical tips. It is up to you that what you want to follow and what you don’t. There is no one way of doing things so adapt as per your needs.

Your Physical Health

You will have bleeding for 2-6 weeks after delivery. This is called lochia and is similar to periods but for a really long duration. Besides you may feel cramps but again there’s nothing to worry about as these are caused by the uterus reverting to its old condition.

If you had a C-section then your recovery will take at least 6 months so follow all the precautions suggested by your gynec. These may include not lifting heavy things and not working too hard. Rest is crucial after Caesarean.

You Mental Health

Your hormonal levels fluctuate after delivery and you may feel depressed for a few days. It is good to have a support system during this time and talking helps a lot.

Making a Schedule

It is almost impossible to have a schedule for your sleep and meals after your baby is born.  You need to learn to adjust yourself to your baby’s sleeping patterns. Try to sleep when your baby sleeps. Babies sleep for short periods so you will need to get used to naps for a few months. You will learn by trial and error that what makes your baby fall asleep most of the time.

But again you cannot sleep whenever your little one sleeps as you need to eat and take care of your house. Take help from family members for households and make sure that not too many people come to visit you.

Your Style

Yes life becomes tough but if you neglect your looks completely you may feel worse. Buy some stylish dresses that flatter your new body. This will make you feel beautiful and happy.

With style comes fitness and you need to go slow on this path. Never push yourself and follow your doc’s instructions to the T.

Entertain your Baby

Learn some soothing songs and buy some baby-friendly toys. There are plenty of baby toys available in the market. But remeber that even babies get bored of the same things and stop responding. But you do not need to buy a lot of toys for variety rather look into your kitchen and wardrobe. Simple plastic and wooden things like spoon, bowls or measuring cups can be loved by baby.

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