Suzi Toast And Pomegranate – Lunch Box Idea 5

Suzi Toast And Pomegranate  – Lunch Box Ideas

 Hello Everyone!

Feeding the kids of today’s generation is really becoming tough these days as they are becoming very choosy & picky when it comes to eating food which is healthy. Most of the kids lure upon junk food and generally show a great dislike for nutritional food items.

Well, I know this is the main concern of every Mom on the block and they would instantly bond over on this single topic about how fussy their toddler is in eating food.

Like every mommie, I too try my level best to keep experimenting on different food options to give to my daughter so that she has a proper intake of healthy food.

Today’s Lunch Box Idea is inspired by a dry and easy made Semolina/ Suzi toast which I shared with you all here.

So , I thought to give this to my daughter in her lunch box this time.

I combined the quickly made semolina toasts cut into small squares so that my girl finds them easy to pick and feed. Also cutting them into small pieces makes it a little attractive for the kid’s eyes! :-p

You may quickly have a look over the ingredients & preparation method in this post!

Suzi Toasts/Semolina Toast For Kids And Toddlers

I have tried to make the lunch box food interesting by adding some amount of pomegranate in the lunch box so as to give my daughter a hint of sweet after her lunch. Pomegranate is packed with nutritional benefits and is one of the great sources of Iron and other minerals which makes it an obvious choice.

Along with these two things I have also added a slice of cheese also in the box so that if she doesn’t eats the suzi toasts, she might like having the cheese slice. That way she won’t remain hungry in case she doesn’t has sufficient semolina toasts.

I hope my daughter likes this combination of sweet, crispy and creamy lunch and manages to finish most of the food in the Lunch Box.

Hope you all find my efforts of making Lunch box interesting for your kids too!

Do share your lunch box idea I would love to try it out

P.S- Our lunch box series is here

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