Sweetened Poha – Snack Recipes For Kids


Sweetened Poha – Snack Recipes For Kids

Poha or the beaten rice is an Indian food which is found in every kitchen. It is stored for long days under dry conditions in air tight containers.

An easy time pass recipe can be prepared from beaten rice for your kid. Usually beaten rice is available in various form of thickness. For this recipe thin beaten rice is preferable.



The preparation time is hardly 15 minutes and your kid will surely like it.


  • One Bowl Beaten Rice or Poha. (Thin Beaten Rice)
  • Half cup grated coconut
  • Quarter cup jaggery
  • Half spoon coriander seeds
  • Half spoon cumin seeds
  • One Red chilli
  • Salt to taste




  • Take a deep vessel and add a bowl full of Poha.
  • In a mixer jar add grated coconut, red chilli, coriander seeds, cumin seeds , salt and blend dry without adding water. Once the mixture is powdered, add jaggery and blend again. Blend till all the ingredients get mixed and blended well.
  • Now add this mixture to the vessel containing poha.
  • Mix the poha and the blended items well. Stir them until the mixture gets well settled in every poha.



Since this recipe is for your child, you may have to alter the sweet and spice according to your kid’s choice. If your kid is a sweet lover increase the amount of jaggery and let the spice be just negligible. And if your kid loves spice do the reverse.

This sweetened poha can also be filled in the lunch boxes too.

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