Teaching your baby to walk in the Open Air

Very much like us, and as we require for our body, a baby also must be exercised which is very important for its growth. The baby’s first exercise takes place in the arms of the nurse. After the first one or two months after birth, when it starts to sleep less in the day, it takes delight in rolling and kicking on the sofa. The free movement of the limbs is enabled and taking the baby out for the open air to be inhaled and felt is the exercise for the baby.

However, the baby will constantly keep on making attempts to walk where it is important that none of the plans that are designed to teach a baby walk should adopt the go-cart, leading strings etc. These things are naturally mischievous and the chest being flat with the lungs confined and the distorted spine and deformed legs find their origins in these practices. The bones of the baby are soft and pliable and if there is any premature subjecting of the baby to carry its own weight, it will become an elastic stick curving under immense weight and will consequently turn curved and distorted.

The mother of the baby should bear this in mind and she views the baby’s efforts to walk with delight which will turn a blind eye to the problems that might occur afterwards. At this point, any mother will encourage and prolong the attempts of the baby to walk and will eventually be forced to mourn the deformity of the bones of the baby. You must also bear in mind that this deformity, upon early noticing, is completely curable and the formation can be set right.

The remedy is by using ways and means that invigorate the frame and improve the health of the child. Plunging the baby into cold bath, cold salt water sponging etc. will help the baby avert these problems. Never allow the baby to make further attempts to walk at this point of time. Put the baby’s legs into large stockings, in order to prevent the baby’s attempts to walk at this point of time. Although it prevents the attempts to walk, the exercise of the limbs is not prevented.

After a few months of following this plan, the limbs will be set right with no deformity and the bones would have acquired firmness and strength. The child may also be allowed to walk or attempt to walk without any dangers of deformity of the bones.

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