Tedibar Soap – Curatio Review

Tedibar Soap – Curatio


I moved back to India from UK, that too at the peak of summer here. The sudden climate change was terrible to bear. It was very difficult to manage the heat, that too all of a sudden. Very soon my 3 year old daughter had rashes all over.

I relied on sandalwood paste for her body through the day time. And would keep her wrapped in a wet thin towel.

And totally stopped the chicco bath products. Not that they aren’t good of course they are still one of the very good products made for babies. But the extreme sensitiveness my daughter had developed in her skin made me buy Tedi Bar Soap.



Price: Rs. 110

I had bought this soap just once when she was a new born baby. But the rate at which it would dissolve made me stop buying it.

This is one of the best medicated soap fit for baby skin problems. It is light pink in color. And has a very pleasant smell.

The soap comes in an outer carton and also a small tray. They suggest that the soap be kept on the tray only for long lasting of the soap.



But if you leave the soap over wet, then the soap is sure to get gooey. It gets converted into soft pink dough like. So, it is a must to keep the soap as dry as possible. I dab a piece of tissue to remove the wetness from the soap after using it.



The rashes easily came under control and the skin was more stable. This is an all time soap that I can use with confidence. But the melting of the soap is a major nuisance that needs to be handled.

Rating: 4/5

The brand Curatio has effective skin care products formulated for infants, babies, toddlers and children. I have been using one of their creams too.

Have you tried Tedibar Soap?

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