The Art of Baby-Wearing

The Art of Baby-Wearing


When I first heard the term ‘babywearing’, I was clueless of what it meant. I tried to make some wild guesses but I wasn’t convinced until one day I sat down and “googled” about it. And surprisingly I was already doing it, YES! I was already ‘babywearing’ and I didn’t know it myself. Well, please don’t jump to a conclusion because this may happen to any first-time mom.

You saw all those chic mommies carrying their babies close to their heart in something that looks like a sling bag or something, and always wanted to get yourself one because it was just too cute to miss.



Then one fine day you had a baby and in no time you had your sling bag like thing hanging close to your body with your little one it! Well that’s just what is meant by ‘babywearing’.

What is baby-wearing?

Babywearing is a very ancient practice of carrying your baby as close to your body as possible while having your hands free do catch up with other stuff.

Though it was started by the cave-women, it happened to disappear somewhere in the middle. But then thanks to the industrialized world that it’s back, with a bang! It’s also used as a form of baby transport.

What are the benefits of baby-wearing:

  • When a mother carries her baby so close to her body, the physical contact with the baby increases the Oxytocin level, which in turn strengthens the mother-baby bond. And it’s same if the father carries the baby.
  • Staying in continuous contact with the baby actually helps in lowering postpartum depression and increases the milk supply of the mother.
  • The baby is more calm and settled when it’s near to her mother. The heartbeat is said to have the soothing effect where as walking while wearing the baby has a balancing effect on the baby.
  • The baby can actually hear, smell, touch it’s mother or father, which further strengthens the bond between them.
  • The baby will very quickly learn to be independent.

Studies show that baby slings and carriers have helped in increasing the number of hours a day, a baby is held. It’s amazing that as less than even three hours per day of babywearing reduces baby crying significantly. Plus the babywearer can have both of his hands free for doing other chores. It’s easier to carry a baby on the shoulder or on back than carry in a car seat. It’s amazing for parents who are travelling most of the time and need to have their hands free for checking in and out of the stations and airport.

For us, it has definitely been a life-saver! And I would strongly suggest you all to proudly babywear in public, at home, at park, at mall and everywhere else because it’s your child and she deserves you so close to her. And never forget that you have always been a happy, chic and a reflective momma!

So Happy Mom-ing Ladies!!

Do you practice baby-wearing?

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