The Thrill And Excitement Of The 16 Week Baby Development Interval

The 16 week baby development stage is an important point in the development of your baby.

This is when your baby starts building up fatty cells underneath her beautiful skin. Roughly at the end of 4th month and soon after 16th week, your baby just starts to show a remarkable growth spurt, both in height and weight. At this stage she is just around 5 inches long and about 4 ounces in weight!

And that’s just the beginning…

The 16 week baby development coincides with a stronger heart capable of circulating around 5 gallons of blood per day. Heart muscles are getting stronger and tougher to work at a very high rate soon after birth. A high rate of heartbeat means that, it is working without end to promote stronger circulation. And also to make available plenty of food to the cells.

At this point, you’ll also notice a small twist like formation on her head, which eventually leads to growth of hair.

Surprisingly, your baby also starts to show some reflex actions, including minor twitching movements, sucking, swallowing and slight blinking of eyes. Eyes will also be able to recognize some light – but quite dim in nature.

It is also another remarkable, busy week, as your baby gulps a lot of amniotic fluid. She this almost as “a test run” before she can breathe normally after birth. Her small lungs are powerful and develops to breathe lots of air.

Her urinary and kidney system starts functioning very slowly, but steadily.

By the end of 16th week, your baby would have become one playful creature! The first game that your baby will most surely involve herself in, is clutching at the umbilical cord. If you watch any video on baby development, you’re more than likely to see a baby pulling and playing with the umbilical cord. This playful event continues from a few minutes to a few hours, depending on your baby’s development.

At around the 16 week baby development stage, the circulatory system becomes more efficient and independent. This simply means your child can inhale and exhale amniotic fluid through her lungs.

Definite reflex actions develop as a means to defend herself from unknown disturbances. Your baby develops jerky movements and loud noises make her extremely agile and alert.

Absorption of food through the umbilical cord is high, and your baby grows at a very fast rate. The fetus starts looking more solid and well defined now, and the whole body starts putting on muscles and skin.

The 16 week baby development stage is also a critical time for you as mother.

You need to undergo several medical checkups and diagnostic tests. Fortunately, if you’re feeling a bit wheezy and not up to it, your doctor will most probably prescribe several simple drugs, vitamins and mineral supplements to promote healthy growth of your baby.

But in short, this 16 week baby development interval is one full of excitement and thrill!

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