Things Not to Say to a New Mom

Things Not to Say to a New Mom

Is anyone in your family becoming a mother very soon? There are many suggestions are given to a new mom by family as well as all the persons around the surrounding her. All of them have good concern but a new mom is not able to deal with those comments. Hence, today in this article we are giving you a list of some phrases that are not to say with a new mom.



All of you know that a new mom concern about a lot of things and some of them are as follows;

  • whether they’re nursing properly
  • why their baby’s not sleeping on a regular schedule
  • what they can do to help their newborn avoid SIDS

There are many things for a new mom for understanding and deals with difficulty. All of the people need to show a little sensitivity when talking with a greenhorn mom by not saying some sentences. Many people say some irritating as well as improper things to new mother.

Things You Should Never Say to a Young Mom:

Many people says assumptions, categorizes, and extraordinarily individual queries particularly throughout the first year.

“So, how old are you?

This is very common that‘Certainly not test a lady her age’ is out the window when a baby-faced woman is pushing a baby carriage. In fact, this question and the following elevated eyebrows and well-mannered shame gave a new mom so much nervousness.

“I could never have a kid so young! I don’t want to ruin my life?

An actual human expressed this sentence in her brain and a general feeling is continually uttered. Someone says not on face but behind our backs says. If some women are mature, or have balanced professional accomplishment to have a kid in her 20s then so -and-So actually wanted those 20-something ages to rise up and provide her child a decent life.

You look so young to have a baby!

This is very common and also very irritating comment to a new mom. It logically strains this uncomfortable defensiveness. The way of saying something could be different and also often dropping anywhere on the range among well-intentioned chat starter. You can also say Wow! You have a baby? You look 18!” or you can also use “Ha. Babies having babies, huh!

“Was it planned?”

This one also a frequently asked question to a new mom. During the pregnancy many women experience this question instead of “congratulation”. This is a sensitive topic to talk with anyone. Theirs is no quantity of anxiety or defensiveness that can clarify away the pure unsuitability of this question. If the answer is ‘yes’ then it shows open to being refereed as simple and untutored. The answer ‘no’ shows a new mom irresponsible as well as careless.

Now we are giving a list of some questions that should never ask to a new mom and they are as follows;

  • “Are you the nanny?”
  • “My baby started sleeping through the night at three months.”
  • “Breastfeeding came to me so easily.”
  • “You should let the baby cry it out at night.”
  • “Maybe you will grow up now that you’re a parent”.
  • “Give him to me. I’ll get him to stop crying.” Um, did Mom ask for your help?
  • “Didn’t you learn anything from those teen mom shows?”
  • “Your kid is more likely to be a teen mom because you were”
  • “Tell me about how much your life sucks now”
  • “With birth control and condoms so easily available, you must have planned this.”
  • “I bet your mom is going to raise the baby anyway.”
  • “Should have kept your legs closed.”

So, these are the information are all the essential things that are not good to say to a new mom. I hope you find this article very beneficial as well as very helpful.

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