Thyroid and Weight Gain Issues

 Thyroid and Weight Gain Issues: Weight gain is every woman’s nightmare. They do a lot to keep it in check but sometimes nothing works when it comes to controlling weight.

Weight gain is not always about unhealthy eating. Thyroid problems can be behind your sudden, unreasonable weight gain.

Thyroid Problems



Before you start ruing the thyroid gland, let me tell you that it is one of the most important glands in the body. It regulates metabolism. So it is obvious that if there is a problem with thyroid gland, it will reflect in your weight. Thyroid disorders are of two types


In this condition, your metabolism speeds up due to an overly active thyroid gland. This condition results in weight loss.


It causes weight gain due to a lower metabolic rate. Thyroid gland becomes sluggish and less thyroid hormone is secreted in hypothyroidism.

We will talk about hypothyroidism in this article.

Exercise is not of much help when it comes to losing thyroid related weight. It needs a complete treatment to get rid of excess weight and other health issues. General symptoms of thyroid problem are fatigue and anorexia etc.



Reasons Behind Hypothyroidism

Women go through a lot of hormonal ups and downs normally and even a minor imbalance can trigger the abnormal functioning of thyroid gland.

Drastic change in diet can also cause the thyroid gland to produce thyroxine hormone abnormally.

The Symptoms of Hypothyroidism

  • – Such weight gain is sudden and there is generally no immediate relation between your weight and diet in hypothyroidism.
  • – It is tough to lose weight even with minimum calorie consumption and enhanced physical activity.
  • – You may feel tired and sluggish.
  • – Constipation is also a symptom of hypothyroidism.
  • – Hair becomes brittle and dull.
  • – Besides these, hypothyroidism can also cause infertility in women.

The Course of Action

See the Doc

If you are experiencing sudden, unexplained weight gain then you should discuss the problem with your doctor first. Not all the symptoms show up together so it is better to be careful. The doctor will suggest you a test to check the levels of thyroid hormones in your body.

Medicines and Precautions

If you are diagnosed with hypothyroidism, you may need to take get thyroid supplementation. Besides this doctors also suggest taking other nutrient supplements like selenium.

You will need to change your diet plan and obviously should not give up exercising. You need to follow whatever your doctor advises.

If you follow all the suggestions religiously then there is no reason that hypothyroidism cannot be overcome. The key is to stay careful about your health and to not take any health problem lightly.




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