Thyroid Series: Discovering I had Hypothyroidism

Today, I’ll be talking about a topic that has been a part and parcel of my life for the past couple of years…Hypothyroidism..

About 4.5yrs back when I just started work, I moved to Bangalore and it opened up a whole new world for me. I’d never stayed away from home before and having no relatives and friends in Blore,  it was a whole new experience. From adjusting with a roommate & flatmates to setting up a cozy home for ourselves (including the kitchen!!), it was quite an experience and I loved every bit of it. The freedom, the lessons I learnt and the sense of responsibility I gained was a huge lesson in the game of life.

But as with everycase, good always comes hand in hand with negatives. I was in Bangalore for 2yrs and my health went haywire in this duration. From the time I entered Blore, my periods became irregular. Sometimes I’d get my period every alternate month and sometimes after 3months. I just ignored it and chalked it down to the location and weather change.


Thyroid Problem & Experience:-

Then I also started noticing that my body was becoming bulky. Now, let me tell you right away that I’ve never been petite. I’ve always been on the heavier side but had managed to keep my weight steady at 58kgs or so. But in Blore, I just wasn’t able to keep tabs like I used to. This, I attributed to the fact that I was eating unhealthy food and binging on outside food.

 In the end, I just assumed that all this was interlinked…that my bad eating habits were leading to weight gain AND the irregular periods. So I made my diet chart and joined a nearby gym. I didn’t starve myself, but ate food like Poha, Upma, boiled corn, boiled chicken, etc…I really tried by best. But even after 7mts of a rigorous workout, I couldn’t manage to shed the kilos.

 Then came the typhoid. I had a horrible  bout of it and the medication resulted in more weight gain, which again I wasn’t able to shed..To make things worse, I  had been advised by the doctor not to do any vigorous activities since my case of typhoid had been too severe and it had reduced my stamina and immunity greatly. But I continued to eat healthy.

 In the last 5-6mts at Blore, I began to have problems sleeping. I was tired all the time but when I’d go to bed, I couldn’t manage to fall asleep until the wee hours of the morning. I didn’t bother much since I was going through some tension at work and anyways, I was moving back home soon

 If I Have Thyroid?

I then moved back home and here I should mention that my weight by then had reached approx 80kgs. More than 20kgs gain in 2yrs…NOT a joke.. My mom had the fright of her life and took me to the gynac the same week and I was asked to immediately do some blood tests (TSH, T3 & T4). Turns out I had Hypothyroidism.

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A brief update about Thyroid:

Our body needs thyroid hormones to work properly. These hormones control the energy levels in our body. i.e. how fast the body expends energy and and also helps in growth. Hypothyroidism is a condition in which the thyroid gland does not make enough thyroid hormone whereas Hyperthyroidism is a condition in which the thyroid gland makes too much thyroid hormone.

Dealing With Thyroid Problem:-

I was quite stunned …more so when I realised that it was not an illness which would go away after some meds…I’d have to be on medication all my life because of this. Initially, I was quite depressed about this, but my doc was very encouraging and my parents and then-boyfriend-now-husband stuck by me like super glue! (which was a great help). The fact that this would make it harder for me to lose weight and maybe add complications in conceiving also worried me like crazy. But yes, a healthy diet and a regular dose of activity really does help and I’ll be explaining more in the the coming posts.

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What I’d like to stress on at this point is that we have to be aware of our body and what’s happening to it. Any prolonged irregularity in your health must set your mental bells ringing. Irregular periods or its absence (I noticed this in a colleague whose period just stopped suddenly and she gets spotting every 2months or so), excess bleeding (this happened to me as well), restless sleep for a long duration, abnormal weight gain…..Anything out of the ordinary must be investigated. Don’t hesitate to go to your Gynac or the endrocrynologist. I have repented so many times and wondered whether things would have been different had I approached the Doctor even a year earlier when I was atleast 10kgs lighter….Maybe things wouldn’t have gotten so out of hand….So pls heed my advice and if you are going through any such issues, do visit your Doc asap!

I will be elaborating on Thyroid…what it is, Hyperthyroidism and Hypothyroidism along with details like a diet you should follow, exercise regimes which would help, pregnancy and thyroid and other various topics in the posts to come. Do stay tuned..

 Are you suffering from Thyroid ? How did you discover it ?

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