Tips On Bottle Feeding + How To Bottle Feed Your Baby Right

Tips On Bottle Feeding + How To Bottle Feed Your Baby Right

Hello Moms,

Today I have come up with an extremely useful topic and is surely one of the most common concerns for new moms. I will be sharing few tips about Bottle feeding and how to perfectly bottle feed your baby. I will be sharing my personal experiences of bottle feeding my daughter too!

My daughter was  bottle feeding right from birth and like all new moms I too had my share of misconceptions about bottle feeding! Well, bottle feeding is no doubt near to Breast feeding when the ease factor and other concerns like infections etc. are taken into account.

Bottle Feeding is surely a tedious task with all the thorough cleaning and subsequent sterilization, it is surely a great responsibility as it is directly related to your baby’s health.

Bottle feeding has many myths and baseless assumptions which are sometimes ridiculous and not 100% true. I have had my share or criticism & advices on not to bottle feed my baby due to some silly excuses about baby being addicted to bottle, lips will become bigger etc.

We will discuss the common myths regarding bottle feeding in another video!

So, lets start with the right way to bottle feed your baby!

First of all make sure to use a good bottle from a decent brand of Baby Products like Philips Avent, Chicco etc. These bottles claim to be anti-colic and are really considered safe to be used for babies without worrying much about infection.

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# Tip for Right Size Of Nipple

Choosing the right bottle with the right nipple is as important for the baby as per their age. For instance Philips Avent & Chicco manufacture different sizes of nipples for different age groups like 3-month old or 6-month old as per the required flow of milk from the nipple. New born babies need to be fed with a nipple with  smaller hole as they are not so fast in sucking milk. And the same works for bigger babies, they need bigger holes in their bottle nipples as they tend to suck milk faster and if they are fed with the smaller hole nipple they will feel irritated and will take more time to finish the required amount of milk in their bottle.

Many cases of the baby rejecting the bottle to feed is only due to the wrong size of hole in the bottle nipple that the babies tend to reject the bottle.

# Tip For Bottle Sterilization-

This is extremely important and irrespective of whatever age your baby is, if you are bottle feeding then you must surely make sure to sterilize it, otherwise it gives rise to lot of colic issues and other infections. Most of baby infections, thrush, or digestive problems occur only if the bottle is not sterilized properly.

# Invest in a good Sterilizer-

Nowadays many sterilizing appliances have been introduced in stores which make the whole sterilizing process even more easy. You can opt microwave sterilizer, electric sterilizer based on your choice. You can even travel with these appliances and bottle feeding will be easy and healthy for the baby!

#Use separate bottle brush-

Using a separate dual headed bottle brush is another way to make sure that your baby’s bottle is super clean and properly washed.

# Keep You baby in reclining position while bottle feeding-

This ensures that the baby has an easy intake of milk and there are no issues of colic or gas.

# Tilt the bottle fully while feeding

Make sure to fully tilt the bottle so that their is no air bubble in the nipple which make eventually lead to create gas in kids.

# Change Baby bottles & Nipples

Change the bottles as they start turning yellow.  Always change the nipples when they start to tear.

#Measure the formula milk as per age

It should not be less nor much as it may rise issues like indigestion and colic issues if the formula milk is more in quantity. If it is less, then baby will feel hungry and they will not get the appropriate nutrition.

#Always shake the formula milk properly-

Make sure to shake the bottle properly to ensure that the formula milk is properly mixed with water and there are no lumps of powder formed.

#Pick wide mouth bottles-

The wide mouth bottles are easy to use when you need to put the formula in he bottle as there are lesser chances of spillage, especially in the middle of the night.

#Test the temperature of milk-

If you give the formula milk in warm water, do make sure that the water is not too hot and test it at the back of your hand. If it is hot, put the bottle under running water  and then give it to your baby.

Don’t use the same formula milk even if you child didn’t finish the milk in it. As once the child has put their mouth on the nipple bacteria starts growing and giving the same bottle after one hour is nothing but inviting infections to your baby’s well being.

#Keep Extra bottles when travelling-

Always keep extra bottles while travelling and don’t just wash and re-use the same bottle as sterilizing the bottle is really important for your baby’s health, so don’t compromise on that.

Well, I hope I ave covered some of the basic and highly essential tips on the right way to bottle feed your baby! Checkout the video where I have discussed about it in a little more detail.

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