Tips To Deal With Your Kid’s Obesity Issue

Tips to Deal With Your Kid’s Obesity Issue


It has been noted that obesity in children is on the rise like never before. With extra pounds in the body your child may also invite serious issues related to health that may include heart disease, diabetes or asthma. Obesity in childhood also affects a kid’s emotions. Children who suffer with obesity tend to get teased frequently and are often not allowed to take part in team activities. This in turn, brings down their self-esteem levels and gives rise to depression and negative image. Only with the appropriate amount of support and encouragement with a positive ‘role-modelling’ can your child be brought back to a normal body weight.



Obesity- Contributing Factors:

Those kids that have weight problems may develop substance abuse issues or eating disorders. With the right diagnosis and treatment of the weight problem you can get a control over this serious health issue along with other medical conditions that will develop with age. No matter what your kid’s weight is, you must always make him feel that he is loved and your aim is to make him happy and healthy.

There are several factors that are responsible for the imbalance that grows between the calories that are taken in and the ones that are burned. These include the following:

  • Families are getting busier for which they prefer to eat out instead of cook at home
  • High-calorie junk foods are available at cheaper prices
  • Kids do not spend much time in outdoor playing activities, instead they play video games or watch television
  • Several schools have cut down on the physical education classes/programs

Changing Lifestyle:

In order to help your child defeat the obesity problem you must inculcate in him healthy food habits. Here are some of the changes in food habits that will help your child fight obesity-

  • Rainbow for food- Let your child consume a lot of vegetables and fruits. These include orange (squash, carrots), red (tomatoes, beets), green (broccoli, lettuce), yellow (bananas, potatoes) etc which will make him feel like he is eating something rainbow-like.
  • Focus on breakfast- One of the main reasons of obesity is bunking the most important meal of the day-breakfast. Make sure that he eats something healthy and fat-free like fresh fruits, oatmeal, toasted pastries or low-fat milk.
  • No more junk food- Although, your child is in need of fat it should be healthy coming from sources like nuts, vegetable oils and fish (monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids). Do not allow him to gorge on sweets or junk food in any form.
  • Maintain meal regularity- Children are used to routine life. When your kid is sure that he will get food only in certain parts of the day, he will focus on eating more of what is served.
  • Outside food limitation- Try to prepare home-made food no matter how simple it is. Dining out should be an option that should be rare in your household.

It is a mammoth task to get your child out of obesity in childhood. You cannot make him undergo surgery for weight loss or prescribe him medications. With changed routines for eating habits and physical activities, you should notice changes in him. However, if things do not change for good you must consult your physician to learn more about his problem in detain and support him until he recovers completely from this disease.

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