Tips To Keep Your Child’s Teeth Healthy

Tips To Keep Your Child’s Teeth Healthy

Parents often complain about there babies bad dental health and problematic gums as a result of ignorance of the correct way to ensure that the child’s teeth remain healthy & strong right from childhood. It is important for new parents to understand the importance of healthy teeth in the overall healthy being of their baby.

Dental care for babies starts before the appearance of the first tooth in babies and continues till all the temporary teeth are grown. As the baby feeds with the mouth there are many possibilities that they may develop infections and bacteria in the teeth area. The teeth & jawline starts to develop in the second trimester of pregnancy.

As a preventive measure mothers can take a damp & clean soft fabric and softly wipe the teeth area of the baby to remove any bacterial infection. These days there are infant toothbrushes available for your baby to properly clean their teeth.



As the kid grows to be two years old, they can spit easily so that is the perfect time to introduce toothbrush for their dental care. It is advised to use only a pea sized amount of toothpaste for toddlers!

Small babies can also develop tooth decay if they are not overlooked properly. Leaving the baby with milk bottle in the mouth might be pacifying for the baby but is actually very harmful for the dental health as the sugar content increases tooth decay chances in kids. This is a serious condition known as Bottle mouth when the sugar content can actually damage the tooth enamel of the baby’s teeth.

Teeth discoloring and emergence of cavities in teeth is the common symptom of such disease. Parents should be more aware for any such symptoms and take immediate medical help from a Pediatrician to avoid any major dental illness.

How to prevent Cavity formation

In most toothpaste advertisements you might have seen doctors talking about cavities. Well, this is indeed a great problem of teeth and needs to be taken care of properly. Cavities usually develop due to food particles which are left in the corners of the teeth due to non-brushing after meals. These cavities are painful and make eating or drinking really a painful experience.

Tips to prevent cavities in Kids

  • Using permitted quantity of fluoride in toothpaste will toughen the tooth enamel and make them resistant to the acids which cause cavities.



  • Many anti-biotic medicines also cause discoloration of teeth and that is the reason parents should make sure that kids brush after taking those medicines.
  • Developing healthy dental habits in kids will eventually help them in having a great dental health. Regular brushing two times a day and regular dental flossing is the perfect dental routine for healthy teeth.



  • Nowadays there are improved methods to take care of your kid;s teeth so keep consulting about the right things to do with your kid for healthy white teeth.

Well, these days parents are very concerned about the slightest problems faced by a child so as to ensure that delay in tracing the problem area doesn’t worsens the condition of dental health in babies.

How do you keep your child’s teeth healthy?

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