Tips To Manage Toddler While Walking On Road

Tips to Manage a Toddler on Roads

An evening walk for your toddler always blooms their mind. It may be a walk or a drive; babies usually enjoy their fullest when you take them outdoor. Also when concerned to health, a daily walk for small ones keeps them fit and fine. They receive fresh and clean air for respire and the physical activities improves. Also encouraging the physical activities of your child makes them sharp both in mind and body and reduce symptoms of obese in young age.

Very small babies can be managed in a stroller on roads. But once your child learns to stand up and walk, then stroller is a big dump waste. Your toddler will never want to be tied up in it. They will be very much eager to run on their feet in the roads watching animals and birds, vehicles and meeting new faces of their own age.



Controlling and managing a toddler is almost impossible on grounds. But you cannot leave them all alone as it might cause severe injuries. Here are few tips for managing a toddler on roads.

Tips to manage a toddler on roads:

  • Never let go your child without your finger hold on roads. Even though you are residing in a residential area vehicles like cars and bikes may drive towards your toddler unknowingly.
  • Always walk on pedestrian lanes
  • Do not divert your mind chit chatting with your friends. Your complete attention should be on your toddler.
  • Keep your child away from the transformers and street lamps.
  • Keep an eye on the grounds, your child may stamp animal excreta which cause infections.
  • Do not leave your child all alone in the midst where elder boys/girls are playing. There are chances of bats and balls hitting your child. Again they might even push your toddler to the ground unnoticed.
  • It is always best to make a play group of same age. Even though they harm each other it will be of equivalent strength.
  • Always drive away the street animals from the surrounding area. Your child may run behind dogs and cats as a play. Street dogs and huge cats are dangerous. They attack small one’s pouncing on them which causes serious injuries.
  • If you are taking a drive in a car, give importance to child car seat. This is a matter of concern in India. Car seats have no much importance in India. You can buy baby car seats from here
  • Giving a bike ride is unsafe as your child does not know to balance himself.

Do you have more tips to share on managing toddler while on road?

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