Tips To Prevent Babies From Being Left Behind In The Cars

Tips to Prevent Babies from Being Left Behind in the Cars

The other day I received a frantic call from my mother advising me not to leave my son alone in the car even for a minute. The reason for her panic was the news clip she had seen on TV about a toddler who had died after being locked in the car for a few hours. I had heard about the news too and it got me thinking. Such incidents are becoming very common these days.

A few years ago my nephew who was just two years old was locked in his car with the keys inside. Imagine the panic mode we went into, we didn’t even have the duplicate key because we were out on a trip. But, thankfully his dad was able to make him understand to press the unlock button. A very misfortune incident was averted. But not every child is that lucky. And my mom is right we shouldn’t leave our kids alone in the car even for a minute. What if we are caught up in some work and got delayed? What if amidst all the shopping and fun with the whole family the child is forgotten in the car? What if it took us more than half an hour for something we had thought would take only a minute? It’s not always parents who are at fault; sometimes the kids are naughty enough to bring some nuisances upon themselves. Whatever be the cause, the life at stake is too precious for any parent.

What could happen if a toddler is left behind in the car?

Before we go on to see some pointers that would help us in avoiding such situations, let us first see why it is important that your child should not be left alone in the car, especially a locked one.

  • When the windows of the cars are locked, the temperature inside rises to a much higher level
  • The temperature rise is even higher if it’s sunny outside and the same is true even on cloudy days
  • Half open windows or a window open by a fraction doesn’t make much difference to the inside temperature
  • The body temperature regulation systems of children are not fully functional as a result of which their bodies heat up 3-5 times faster than adults
  • When the body temperature of a child reaches 104ºF, internal organs stop working and by the time the temperature escalates to 107ºF the child is dead

Unfortunately we cannot battle with the fate, but we surely can do as much as possible to prevent such occurrences with our children. So, without much further ado let’s get to the pointers that should help you avoid such incidences.

Do share in with more suggestions; it might help us a great deal.

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