To Work Or Not To Work – The New Mom’s Delimma

To Work Or Not To Work – The New Mom’s Delimma


“To Be or Not to Be” – said William Shakespeare. This phrase is almost synonymous with every woman with a slight twist – To Work or Quit who plans on having a baby and has to decide about whether or not to continue her work. And just like nothing can prepare you about how it is going to be once your baby is born, similarly if you are used to working and have a high flying corporate job it is going to be hard to get used to being at home 24/7.



I loved my work, even though I would crib about day in day out. Lollzz. Well, that was also because I took it for granted and I was in a comfort zone not knowing I would miss it terribly once I can’t go back to work each day. It took me a good one year after my son was born to realize how to be happy and content in my current space and situation. To work or not to post your baby is born is an extremely individual and personal decision based on a whole lot of factors.

Financial Aspect

If finances need you to work then you should. It’s not just to make ends meet, but also the fact that we have become accustomed to a lifestyle that we don’t want to compromise on so two earning members ease out the load. On the other hand, if money is not a concern then enjoy all the time with your toddler. These days will never come back.

Toddler in Safe Hands

If you must step out of the house to work, the primary concern should be the safety and security of your toddler. Whether it is a day care or help at home as a responsible parent you ought to check and re check all pros and cons. Remember no job no amount of money is worth it if you make that one lapse in taking care of your toddler.



Being Occupied

Do you miss work because you don’t have anything else to do? Is it just to get over your boredom? Then you certainly shouldn’t go back to work. It will take some time to get used to the fact that you no longer have a 9 – 6 routine. Plan your day, think of different ways to keep you busy. Focus on yourself and those hobbies that you had forgotten all about since you were so occupied at work.

Your Identity

Is being at home making you happy or you were happier when you were working. Understanding yourself and assessing how you want to go about taking this crucial decision if very important. Remember whatever you do, don’t lose yourself and your standing.



We’re talking about sacrificing work for motherhood or giving work top priority. Yes, this is probably more a matter of opinion than science. I chose to be a Work from home mom and I have no regrets. It is extremely challenging and each day I strive to create a Work Life Balance and enjoy it.

What was your decision? Are you working full time or staying at home to look after your toddler.

What do you feel about your decision? Share your feelings!


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