Toddlers Books At Huge Discount With Video

Toddlers Books At Huge Discount With Video

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Recently, I had a chance to visit the famous book fair held in Pragati Maidan in Delhi which is one of the biggest book fairs of the state and book loving people from all over the country visit this fair to buy a wide range of books which are otherwise not available easily in book stores.

I went there basically to get some interesting books for my  27 months old daughter, so as to encourage the habit of book reading in her at a tender age.

I usually pile up a lot of stuff in one go but this time I decided to limit myself, so I bought only those books which seemed appealing and useful to me as per my daughter’s preferences.

What The Ladybird Heard Sound Book

About What The Ladybird Heard Sound Book

Two crafty robbers hatch a cunning plan to steal the farmer’s fine prize cow. But the quietest, tiniest creature in the farm has a plan of her own and things are going to get noisy; very noisy. With 10 amazing animal sounds, this book is a whole farmyard of fun!

Price- Around INR 300

My take on What The Ladybird Heard Sound Book

This is a captivating book for the eyes of  my toddler girl and it is one of her favorite books from her book collection. The story around which the different animal characters  are involved is really very interesting. I usually ask her that what sound this particular animal make? And she answers by pressing the respective button at the side of the book where each of the animal characters in the book are featured along with their respective sound recording! So when you press the cat button “meow” sound is produced which is very good for toddlers as they get to learn the animal sounds in a practical way!

Marvin Wanted More

About Marvin Wanted More

Marvin is not a happy sheep. He is smaller than the other sheep, he can’t run as fast, nor can he jump as high. So Marvin decides to EAT! But however much he eats, Marvin still wants MORE!

In fact, Marvin really does go a bit too far – at which point drastic action has to be taken.

Price- INR 50

My take on Marvin Wanted More

This is a board book with a 3- dimensional wool fabrication done to make toddlers understand about the texture of the wool which is mainly produced by sheep. Kids find it very attracting as they can touch and know the wool surface. Apart from the story, which my daughter listens very carefully but doesn’t completely  understand, the unique texture makes the book and interesting purchase!

Baby Touch: Animal Book

About Baby Touch: Animal Book

Older babies and toddlers will love this original tactile book, part of Ladybird’s innovative Baby Touch range.

Babies learn through touch & use the shaped pages to find the animals, then feel the textures to match the mummies and daddies with their babies.

My take on Baby Touch: Animal Book

This is another great book I bought for my baby girl as she likes bright & colorful books which are eye-catching too! This book in particular is great for toddlers as it helps them in understanding the shapes by touching the unique cut designs on each page. My daughter is easily able to spot the mummy & baby animals. I really find this book quite useful for making my daughter learn these things. And given the economical prices these books were offered, I am not at all complaining.

You can check out the video for more details

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