Travel Tips For Moms With A Picky Eater Kid

Travel Tips For Moms With A Picky Eater Kid

Hey Everyone,

I love to travel to different places and explore more about it! Well, I also happen to have a kid who is sometimes very particular about eating and is fussy about food! When you travel to new places you cannot have the same luxury of having to be at home and eat whatever you like! You got to do with whatever type of food is available at the place! For adults it is still manageable but as for the kids, it is sometimes very hard to get them the food they want in a foreign land or while traveling! And it becomes too difficult to manage their eating because for the sole reason they don’t try anything new and give a hard time to the parents!

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Well, if you too have a picky eater at home and you are worried about how to adjust his/her eating habits while on a vacation, then this post is just right for you!

Make them try at least one new dish or food!

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Make sure that while you are in a different city or country, give them something which they usually don’t get to eat at home or some special dish related to the place! There are a widespread variety of food options in any hotel/resort so start from there itself!

Let them indulge in their favorite dish once or twice a week!

Who doesn’t like pizza but keep it limited to one or two times a week otherwise just be prepared to witness a tantrum throwing kid on the floor for his pizza! For every meal of the day in the week! Make them understand that their favorite food is not healthy so limiting it to once is the only option for you as parents!

Try to Introduce Familiar kind of Dishes

Don’t expect them to relish a totally different dish because they have not seen it back home so it might be possible they won’t touch it or even want to taste it! Bring in some familiar food items first and then let them switch to get a variety of taste!

Always Opt for Buffet Breakfasts & Dinner

This way you can make them try new and various variety of things instead of getting one dish which he/she doesn’t like and wasting it all! The buffet are specially curated keeping in mind the taste of different people from various countries so that works with kids too!

Always keep dry fruits & healthy snacks handy!

In case your kid is not trying anything and you are as helpless as anyone, try to give them some healthy dry fruits, dates, figs  and other snacks which are healthier than the junk food they have been asking!

Eating Fresh

Well, if they are not at all willing to try anything new or won’t budge to develop any different taste them the last resort could be to serve them fresh fruits which you can get everywhere right from the street corners to grocery stores! The different colors might entice them to eat something they have not!

Cereals & Milk

Always keep a pack of cereals like oatmeal, cornflakes so that during odd times you can at least feed them these food items with milk and their tummy will easily get filled without making you paranoid about how the trip has resulted in your kid not eating properly!

Well, I hope you find these tips easy to do while you are heading to your next vacation! Have you tried anything else for your picky eating kid? Do let me know!

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