Types Of Shoes For Little Girls Ft ‘Yellow’ Shoes

Hello, mommies!

We girls love shoes both for ourselves and our babies. I remember when I was a kid, my mum used to buy me shoes which were at par trend but when I see shoes which are worn by new generation kids, I feel so back-dated. Earlier, we used to have only two kids shoes – one meant for boys and one for a girl but now we have a thousand options for everyone. When Anamika Mam went to this particular shoe shop from the brand ‘Yellow’ for some shoes for out little Anvika, we kept adoring every piece over there. And so this post is all about those shoes which we loved and let me show you, mommies, some. Keep admiring them!

The glitter glam:

This shoe is meant for party wears. When your little girl will wear those party dresses and will look the most beautiful girl of all times, this shoe will add on her childish beauty. Silver glitters all over, this shoe is party goals for your little ones!

Cute pinks

Girls and the colour of pink go hand-in-hand. This little pump shoe type of shoe looks too beautiful to ignore. The grey stripes add on to the look and the front pink strap helps to keep the shoe at one place. Like this?

Who said kids can’t wear fashion stuff? This type of shoes is not only famous among young ladies but among kids as well. The glitter adds the glam while the bow-work adds to the cuteness. This footwear from Yellow is surely painting the next big thing for those little feet.

Love pompoms? Well, buy them for your little princess too. This mirror and pompom chappal looks way too traditional and has a mix of funk into it. Make her wear this along with any traditional outfit and I am sure she will look beautiful.

Like mother like daughter. This all-white shoe is just too elegant to give it a pass. This can be her daily wear shoe in summers where she can flaunt her styles. I am sure with this on, she will surpass her beautiful mother too! And you surely can’t complain about it.

In a kid’s shoe comfort is the primary key and this brand ‘Yellow’ has taken absolute care of it. This pink polka dots shoe with a cute design at the front looks ‘oh-my-gosh’ kind of adorable and I am sure this can be your little angel’s one of the cult favourites.

This one steals the show because of its very minute design and stone work. This kind of shoes looks their absolute best when your little one will wear them to a wedding or some other occasions.

And that’s all folks! This brand ‘Yellow’ has surely a great collection for girls and we are looking forward to some more by this brand. They have a good stock for boys too and so everyone can have their share of purchases.

Keep shopping mummies!

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