Unboxing LEGO City 60183 Heavy Cargo Transport


How are you all doing? The spring season is here and the sun is already shining as fiercely as ever and I just can’t imagine how the summers would be! Recently, I got this interesting LEGO box and I am really fond of such things for my daughter. It is no more that girls play with dolls and only boys get to play with the more technical games. So, one day I along with my daughter decided to unbox this amazing set of building kit with transport vehicles.

Here I am sharing the insides of the box and you can see how you can too buy/ gift an interesting gift set to kids you know.

About LEGO City 60183 Heavy Cargo Transport

Head to the worksite outside the city limits with the LEGO City 60183 Heavy Cargo Transport, featuring a heavy truck with opening cab, toolbox and bull bars, a detachable extended flatbed trailer truck toy, plus a helicopter with spinning rotors, opening cockpit and a chain. This great toy helicopter transport model building toy includes 2 mini-figures.

How to start?

Price: $29.99 / INR 3299

Suitable for: 5-12 years age (boys & girls)

My Experience with LEGO City 60183 Heavy Cargo Transport

I started unboxing this interesting transport building set along with my daughter. This set is particularly for kids between 5 to 12 years as by this age they have a basic knowledge of the shapes of objects and they understand transportation vehicles and how they look in real.

The box contains separate instruction leaflets for each vehicle to build and one can use their imagination to help their kids with the basic model/ prototype of the transport vehicles. This is a great activity box for kids specially if you have many kids in the same group, you can hand them this box and encourage them to build the objects together and play with it. This will ensure team work and also engage the kids for a good while.

Lego boxes are a child’s ultimate favorite if they love building blocks. Also it is a far better idea to actually use their imagination in building something rather than immersing themselves in online games or useless videos on Youtube.

This set includes 310 building blocks. Also keep it away from toddlers as some blocks are really small and may cause choking hazards so not meant for children under 3 years.

I think, it is a great building set to introduce your kids. It is easy to build with instructions and the designs are sturdy and can withstand all the play without coming out. The LEGO set aces its game with yet another building set and I have all the good things to say about it.

Hope you like this unboxing. If you have any questions about the LEGO set do drop your questions in comments.

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