Understanding Baby Body Language And Its Benefits

Is this your first baby? Then, I am sure it must be little difficult for you to understand your little angel’s body language. But, you need not worry! Today we will help you to understand few of your Baby body language.

Some Baby Body Language:

1. Baby Pulling Their Legs Up To The Tummy:

This body language is often accompanied by fuss or cry. It can be the sign of pain such as gas pains. Your baby will pull up the legs when they want to scream.

If your baby is pulling their legs up to the tummy, you can try to bring them to burp or hold in the position which can reduce he pain. Some babies also like to be positioned with their tummy-down on the lap and you rubbing their back.

2. Turning Their Head Away:

This is actually a body language shown by your baby to let you know that there is a miscommunication among you both. He may not want or like the thing that you are doing at the moment. For example: If your baby turns his head away while you shaking a rattle, this can mean that he wants you to stop doing that or he is getting irritated.

In this case, you can stop doing whatever you are doing and do something different. Still this doesn’t work? This can simply mean that the baby needs a break from their playing. Thus, you can try to take a walk with them or just cuddle them.

3. Arching Back:

If your baby is arching back, it may mean that they are protesting you with enthusiasm.

In this case, stop doing the thing if it isn’t very important. If you are doing it for safety, you can give her more love and be playful to make them understand and get your job done. Sing them a song, play a game or Explain gently.

4. Constant Kicking:

Constant Kicking in good mood may mean that they want to play, but if they are fussy or crying, it’s a big indication that they are not liking something around.

In this case bothering can be due to gas, dirty diaper, and cramped car seat, just anything. Thus, you need to understand and take a closer look to wants getting wrong.

5. Head-Banging:

Head-Banging on the hardwood floor or on bars is the sign that they love the rhythmic motion and this gives them soothing effect.

The Benefits of Understanding Your Baby’s Body Language:

1. Proper Communication:

Your Baby tends to learn from the young age of six months. They also learn to master these sign languages as a mode to communicate with you.

2. Reduces The Bonding Time:

These days there are music class and stroller fitness that helps you to learn baby sign language. This is useful to reduce the bonding time with your baby by meeting parents with similar interests. This also helps your baby to learn the language earlier.

3. Minimizes The Guessing:

Parents often tend to get confused with the speech and language. Baby’s sign language isn’t we talking to them, but this gives your baby a language to speak to you and help in building the gap of guessing.

4. Pathways Of Learning:

Many parents may worry that giving or promoting a baby’s sign language can delay speech, but it’s actually a myth. There is no negative point to the baby sign language. In fact, when you name things around them and action, it creates pathways of learning into their brain. This is also a best method to support language development. This automatically reduces as your baby learns to speak the word.

Did you know these facts about baby’s body languages?

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