Understanding Temper Tantrums In Early Childhood

Understanding Temper Tantrums In Early Childhood

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As the heading suggests, today we are going to touch a crucial topic of certain behavioral aspects of a young kid which needs to be addressed properly so as to protect the child from any kind of mis-understanding. Usually a toddler is commonly seen throwing tantrums for particular food or toy or in general to be held. This tendency usually starts in the second year and by the time the child starts to speak it slowly and steadily reduces.

Understanding your toddler’s expression keenly is really helpful. It can save you from the drill of finding out exactly what the young child needs which he/she isn’t able to express properly. Understanding tantrums is very important for parents. Since, this tendency sometimes triggers sudden outbursts in kids when they need attention of any sort.

Commonly seen Tantrums

Hitting, biting or angrily crying are common tantrums which you will notice in toddlers at a certain age. This is mainly a frustration inside them which they are not able to express and that it what comes out as tantrum.

Understanding Temper Tantrums

Make sure to observe a child’s behavior at the time as if they may be extremely tired but is in denial, or may be very hungry. So you can easily tackle these with simple solutions. Sometimes a young kid might feel neglected due to the presence of a sibling or another child in the house and that is also a potential reason the child starts throwing tantrums.

Patience is the Key

Always remain calm and patient while dealing with the tantrums. Do not raise your voice or hand in any case. It may be a simple jealous feeling which can go away if you give ample attention and affection to the child.

Channelize the temper in something interesting

When your child is starting a tantrum make sure to distract them to an object of their interest and sound as surprised as you can be. The temper can easily be channelized and hence the feeling will go away eventually.

Keep calm and carry on

Sometimes children act really crazy in public places where you are simply annoyed as to what people will think. one thing you should make sure is to ignore any looks from the surrounding and keep yourself composed and let the temper tantrum to end eventually. Shouting or scolding will definitely not end the tantrum, just in case you are wondering.

Remain stern and stable on your words

It happens most of the time that mothers tend to give up and end up giving whatever the child has been implying. This makes children think that they can get anything through this strategy and the next time the tantrums are even more intense as they can trigger mothers to shut it out immediately to avoid a scene or inconvenience.

Shopping tales

Tantrums often are commonly seen in shopping malls or gaming zones where the child starts behaving alien and doesn’t listen nor shut their fake tantrums just to get something of their choice. Well, it is important for you to make them understand that they can get something when they properly express their wish to and not because of showing raging anger.

Let the phase pass

Hitting, biting, pulling hair or simply kicking can be a common sight for a child throwing tantrums. Well, in no case you can do the same as that may give them an indication that it is an acceptable behavior. You should make it feel that whatever they are doing is very hurting and you will not accept this behavior at all.

Pent up emotions

Sometimes it is simply a release of emotions in the form of tantrums. If you find your kid in that frame, encourage them to do something which feeds on the pent up emotions like painting, running, doing any activity which they love. You can dance with them or encourage them to sing loudly. Pent up emotions often hamper child’s behavioral patterns and it can even get worse with time if not overlooked properly.

What do you do in case of Temper tantrums?

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