Vezlay Soya Vegget For Weight loss

In my constant effort to lead a healthy life I keep on trying different products so that my meals doesn’t get boring.I like soya nuggets and when I saw these  new Vezlet other day in the super market I bought one for myself.These are  now are available in many forms.I think there was a kabab form too where you can deep fry them and have them immediately but I chose the healthier option .


Calories break down of Soya Nuggets/Vegget

1 cup of  soya nuggets have 160 calories, 0gm fats, 15gm carbs and 2gm proteins.These are great source of proteins especially for vegetarians.




These nuggets when boiled can be used in different ways such as:-

1.I toss them in salad with yogurt and mayonnaise and bit of salt and black pepper.

2.I use them with brown rice .Makes them quite fulfilling .

3.I saute chopped onions, red and yellow capsicum with some mushrooms.A tsp of soya sauce, white vinegar and hot and sweet tomato sauce and salt and pepper and add these .

4.One can just add the boiled veggets in regular alloo curry where potatoes can be replaced with boiled veggets.



If you know any other way  of using these in your diet which is not boring then do share the recipe


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