Ways To Avoid Sugar In Your Kid’s Daily Diet

Ways To Avoid Sugar In Your Kid’s Daily Diet

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Off late one of the most common diseases I have been hearing about is that of diabetes and that too in youngsters. Most of the health specialists believe that the sedentary lifestyle is the reason behind all of this. Most working people in the cities are prone to these early symptoms of diabetes. Also a lot of us are dependent of packaged food & drinks due to paucity of time which is not a healthy choice for the daily diet.

Young kids are unnecessarily consuming foods which are high in sugar content even if they are not sweet. It looks easy but is certainly not because kids do not understand the harmful effects of any of these diseases. They won’t pay heed to any of your requests to avoid sugar or eat in moderate amounts. It is you only who has to decide how to completely avoid/ reduce sugar intake in your kid’s daily diet.

You can take into account the following and make efforts to slowly introduce sugar-free products in your child’s diet. This will help them reduce their daily sugar intake.

Reduce sugar based drinks-

Most energy drinks, lemonade, sports drink or fruit juice is mainly composed of high amount of sugar. It can instantly spike the blood sugar level in your kid. Also it is better to feed them a whole fruit instead of a glass of fruit juice. It is because juice has concentrated amount of fruit sugar.

Avoid carbonated/ cola drinks-

Completely stop drinking carbonated water at your home or even outside. Children tend to like these things mainly because their parents or family members are drinking. Make them understand the harmful effects of cola drinks.

Include more fresh Vegetables-

Most of the times the kid feels hungry and demand for an untimely snack. These things like maggi, jelly sandwich or peanut butter are instantly prepared. And that is where you are feeding the carbs deficit body. Make sure to include more protein in your kid’s diet to make them feed properly and satiate fully.

Reduce processed food intake-

Eat freshly cooked meal in its natural form. It may not taste as good as processed food but is certainly great for the health and ensures you do not add any added sugar in your kid’s diet.

Eat at home:

This is the best way to reduce or avoid any added sugar in your child’s diet. As the food is cooked by you and is fresh you know what ingredient goes where and this way you can do the needful of avoiding sugar. Eating outside once in a while is all right but do not make it a habit as children tend to ask for the same sugar loaded foods once they like something.

Travel with homemade snacks-

Travelling tends to leave you with no option other than outside food/ snacks and for this reason you should make some homemade snacks which are sweet/ salty for your child ahead of any trip. This way you can reduce the intake of outside foods like burgers, fries and dips which are also greasy and contain hidden amount of sugar which is harmful for health.

I hope you will take these things into consideration if you are thinking of reducing sugar in your child’s diet so as to be preventive for any lifestyle related disease.

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