Weight Loss Guideline – Step 2 – Important


I am so sorry about the infrequent updates…I was in Melbourne on a project and I am having to manage my personal & professional life…it’s such a struggle. Plus the 5 1/2 hours difference was a killer…not helped by day light savings here L I feel like it is 6.30 PM when it’s already 10-11 PM and can’t sleep till 3-4 AM, apart from being at client location by 8 AM. Back to business…

Ah…after Ana’s article…I realize how many of us are kicked about this topic. I mean this must be the most talked about topic of all time!! So, like I said I am on this difficult journey. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not losing the weight that’s difficult but the “stick-to-it” plan that is difficult. Once my body got over the shock that I am really…I mean REALLY going to do this, it decided to adjust a bit too.





You know about mid-life crisis?? That hits you (apparently) sometime during your 40’s and makes you melancholy. Weight watchers also face this, we get so melancholy (read: me) about this and maudlin that no drink is required. I remember that I started philosophizing about the whole concept and why it is actually good to have a few extra kilos on me than work it all off and be stick & bones. I wasn’t inebriated, just plain sad L

If you are in this stage, GET UP AND GET GOING!! I mean come’on, Ana’s article must have shaken you up a bit isn’t it? You realize so many things from there; I would draw my inspiration on these lines:

  • You CAN DO IT…nothing better than this!
  • It’s POSSIBLE…who ever said “impossible” have never heard of “I am possible” (unless you compare this to booking a ticket on www.irctc.com, oh well it’s a different issue altogether)
  • Determination is the key along with discipline, they both rank on top of all the must do’s here
  • Help’s at hand…there are so many, many, avenues to exercise…whoever said I don’t know how to do it, I don’t have the time (read: me, again) is being lazy or not thinking from the top-end *evil-grin*
  • Consult a doctor, dietician, orthopedic (if you have any issues), or a gynecologist but DON’T give up…that’s the MOST important
  • Update : I was umm…XX kilos and I have lost 2.9 kilos in the last 3-4 weeks of travel…I am ecstatic! It just tells me I can do it too!! Awesome isn’t it??


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